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Top Super cars that you can expect at the Geneva Auto Show 2017

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Geneva Auto Show 2017: These Cars Will Surely Blow Your Mind..!

Geneva Auto Show 2017, the most spectacular event in the automotive world, is approaching soon. All brands are getting ready to showcase their upcoming models. But, only a few brands and their cars will drive you really crazy! We are expecting the following top super cars in the upcoming Geneva Auto Show in March:

Five top car brands such as Pagani, Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini and McLaren are showcasing their models. These are the most reputed brands when it comes to super-cars. From design and performance point of view, every brand is keeping its product up to the mark. Hence, it is increasingly getting difficult to compare and select the best among the lot.

Super cars at Geneva Auto Show 2017: Pagani Huayra Roadster

Pagani Huayra Roadster
Pagani Huayra Roadster (source: BMWBLOG)

As the name suggests, Pagani Huayra is a convertible roadster. Its unconventional design really makes the difference when it comes to its presence felt on the road. The brand emphasizes more on the build quality because some of its direct competitors are Aston martin, Mercedes AMG and Chiron. This roadster has light-weight structure as compared to the coupe version of Huayra. Pagani managed to achieve this by using a different type of carbon-fibre.

Super cars at Geneva Auto Show 2017: Ferrari F12M


Ferrari will present this monster. The naturally aspirated V12 engine produces massive 769 bhp of power. This car can go from 0-100 in mere 3 seconds. Furthermore, it is a facelift of the F12 with more power and aggressive styling.

Super cars at Geneva auto show 2017: Porsche 991.2 (911 GT3 Facelift)


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