Evano Golf-Kart: The Electric ‘Made In India’ Solution for mobility…!!

Evano Golf-Kart

Evano Golf-Kart: Providing Electric Mobility Support

Both, the rising fuel prices and the issue of rampant pollution in India has again come to the centre stage. Ultimately, this brings focus to the need of electric mobility that provides transportation services and support to the growing aviation industry in India. For this, an Indian Pune based company ‘Advandes’ has come up with an all-electric golf-kart. The company has developed an electric version of a golf-kart which is called Evano Golf-Kart. One can use it for personal transport as well as for transporting goods. The company had put up a working proto-type on display at the recently concluded Pune Auto Expo 2017.

Evano Golf-Kart front view
The Evano Golf-Kart

Evano Golf-Kart: The Need Of The Hour!

As claimed by the company, this tiny golf-kart can ferry passengers from one terminal to the other at the airports / train stations. Alternatively, it can also be possibly used to transport senior citizens / differently-abled people who might need assistance while moving around. Thus, it provides an ideal platform for agencies operating at the mass-transport facilities such as bus terminals, train stations & air-ports etc. to have Evano at their disposal. In addition, Evano can be customised according to its intended use.

Secondly, Evano Golf-Kart can also be used for transferring goods / cargo at the terminals. For example, you can remove its roof to accommodate the odd-shaped cargo or goods which could then be ferried to nearby places easily. Furthermore, Evano comes with two variants. Firstly, with or without roof. Secondly, it is available in either 4-seater or 6-seater options. Besides, it has a set of 48 V batteries and an induction motor to run on. Evano also comes with 20 programmable modes to control its speed.

Evano Golf-Kart front
Evano Golf-Kart front

The parent company of Evano Golf-Kart, Advandes, is a multi-disciplinary design company which provides turn-key solutions to the manufacturing industry. In Addition, Advandes also provides design research, automobile design, advanced engineering solutions and prototyping services which includes mock up models, functional rings, clay models and injection moulding etc. Besides, the company also provides services such as trend analysis, construction & agriculture equipment design.

Evano Golf-Kart Specs:

Evano is an all-electric vehicle which has following specifications:

Frame:                               Rectangular Tube structure

Body & Finish:                   Premium Spray coated FRP Structure

Steering system:               Rack & Pinion

Type:                                 Turf 18 X 8.50-8

Ground Clearance:           154 mm

Power Source:                   48V DC

Motor type:                       4 kW

Batteries:                           6x 8v-150 Ah

Battery charger:               48V, 20 Amp

Speed controller:              350 Amp A/c

Transaxle:                         12:1 Differential

Park brake:                        Hand Operated Mechanical

Max. Speed:                      20 (Programmable modes)

Seating Capacity:              4/6

Evano Golf-Kart Light
Evano Golf-Kart Light

For more information on Evano, click here.

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