The car that runs on water

A Car That Runs On Water…Really?? Read This To Believe It….!!

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An Indian Mechanic is all set to revolutionize the auto-world!

Here is the story of the 'wonder car'!!

Yes, you read it right. Mohammad Raees Markani, a mechanic from Madhya Pradesh, has invented the car that runs on water. Ironically, Markani has no engineering background. It is just his passion that lead him to this invention. He did research on this project for almost five years. As people often say, 'holding on to the passion pays off in the long run'; it seems to be true from his case!

Fron View water car

How can a car run on water?

Markani’s invention is more Eco-friendly than conventional fuels. It will also reduce emission problems we are facing everyday. His water car runs on the 'acetylene' gas. This gas is generated when calcium carbide is mixed with water. Markani made some changes in the conventional engine. He converted his 800 cc Maruti Suzuki into the car that now runs on water.

Acetylene gas is mainly used for Industrial purposes. Most of the fabrication and mining industries use this gas. But Markani experimented it with the his vehicle and started modifying the car accordingly. He modified a number of components including the cylinder head and pistons. It took him almost 1.5 years to start the engine on this unconventional fuel.

The acetylene gas is highly inflammable. Controlling and regulating such a gas to power the engine is an invention in itself. Surprisingly, this gas powered engine also produces an equal amount of power as compared to the traditional engine. However, the maximum speed of the car is 50-60 km/h only. The cost of running this car is just Rs.3/- per kilometer... unbelievable!

The range of the car that runs on water:

This car is not only cheaper to run but it also has good range. 25 kg of water and 4 kg  of calcium carbide can run this car up to 60 kilometers. The eco-friendliness of this car is the norm of the future!

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