Alti-Green HyPixi hybrid system

Alti-Green HyPixi: Make “Every Car a Hybrid” In India.!!

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Alti-Green HyPixi: A Practical Solution For Reducing Pollution

The fuel prices are on the rise again. The rampant pollution in the developing world is also a health-hazard mainly because of a large number of vehicles running on old & polluting engines. To counter this problem, Bangalore based company has developed a hybrid solution - Alti-Green HyPixi hybrid; both for petrol & diesel vehicles alike.

Alti-Green HyPixi hybrid system
Alti-Green HyPixi hybrid system

Operating fully electric vehicles may not solve pollution problem because the power for charging EVs mainly comes from the coal based grids. Also, in the developing world there is no availability of minimum infrastructure for charging the EVs. Hence, only a hybrid solution would work according to the company. The company displayed this hybrid system at the recently concluded 'Pune Auto Expo 2017'.

What is Alti-Green HyPixi?

HyPixi stands for Hybrid Power Intelligent Exchange Drive is a low cost, proprietary and retrofit system which converts fossil-fuel based vehicles into hybrids. The system has an advanced regenerative braking which is grid-independent. Thus, it does not require any external charging. Furthermore, the company has successfully tested the Alti-green HyPixi hybrid system on petrol/diesel vehicles.

Alti-Green electronic parts (courtesy: Alti-Green)
Alti-Green electronic parts (courtesy: Alti-Green)

The company claims that their hybrid system does not affect either the original engine’s robustness or its durability. Thus, it provides an ideal platform for heavy-duty, retrofit or even manufacturer-interfaced installation. In addition, the company claims that it has specially designed the Alti-Green HiPixi hybrid solution keeping in mind the needs of the developing world. The company describes the HiPixi hybrid system as ‘designed, developed and tested 100% in India, for India and the emerging economies of the world’. Besides, it uses proprietary parts and in-house developed software.

Alti-Green HyPixi Features:

Alti-Green HyPixi has many features which help to reduce the pollution. With the fitment of Hypixi, one can get the following benefits as claimed by Alti-Green. They are:

  1. 25% improvement in mileage.
  2. Dramatic reduction in harmful tailpipe emissions, especially in densely populated cities.
  3. Quick RoI – recover investment in under 12 months.
  4. Reduced wear-and-tear so less maintenance.
  5. Warranty on kit and the batteries.
  6. One variant for 4-wheelers under 2 tonnes GVW; other variants for larger vehicles.
  7. Conforms to Government notified standards. Has been thoroughly tested and certified under Central Motor Vehicle Rules.
  8. Ready for fitment across India.
Alti-Green HyPixi components
Alti-Green HyPixi components

Alti-Green’s Vision:

Alti-Green’s ultimate goal is to create cleaner, safer and more efficient transportation alternatives. Hence, its future research to focus on improving hybrid and electric power-trains both at system and component level. This will also include endurance testing, fault-prediction and regulating the power intelligently.

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