Mercedes Benz Uncrashable Car Soon To Become Real

Mercedes Benz uncrashable car

Mercedes Benz ESF 2019: The Uncrashable Concept Car

Mercedes Benz, the luxury car manufacturer, recently unveiled the latest car concept. The company is keen on building an uncrashable car. It is the ESF (experimental safety vehicle) 2019 or the Mercedes Benz uncrashable car.

Mercedes Benz ESF 2019
Mercedes Benz ESF 2019

In addition, Mercedes is claiming that it will involve lots of tech and active/passive safety systems. It aims to remove human errors entirely which is in most cases the cause of the accident. So, the uncrashable car will have all driver assistance safety systems.

Furthermore, the inclusion of new assistive technologies such as autonomous driving will lower the rate of accidents. The German brand is very sure about the introduction of the safest car in the world as early as by 2020.

The cutting edge safety technology

Mercedes is thinking of a new car safety technology with AI. As a result, the new connected AI will keep improving driver assistance technology. The introduction to AI in the safety field is a good move. The ultimate goal is to reduce road-death toll overall.

Furthermore, the new systems also include improvement in autonomous driving and collision prevention systems. The company also hints for developing a new occupant system. The system will reduce injuries in case of car accidents.

Safety is the core DNA of Mercedes and the ultimate goal is zero accidents on traffic.

Ola Kalennius, Global R&D chief, Mercedes Benz.

The main idea behind this cutting edge technology is constant learning. The car should constantly keep on learning from experiences. In addition, cloud computing is useful in looking at all the things on the road in real-time.

The connected artificial intelligence also brings in more safety. The vehicle will collect safety data and send it to the central server. Then the central server will learn and process data. Then, it will control driver assistance safety systems precisely. Thus, less human errors and more safety.

ESF 2019: Safety in design

In addition, the inflatable metal structure provides more safety in the event of a crash. In case of a side-impact, the seats will move to the center. So, seats will absorb impact and avoid injury.

So, Mercedes Benz uncrashable car is ESF 2019. Although it’s in the concept stage, most of its technology is production-ready. No wonder, we will see uncrashable cars on the road in the near future.

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