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Feline One: World’s Costliest Motorcycle, Whats it got?

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Feline One: The Bike Which Is Only One Of Its Kind...!!

Do you want to know which one is the world’s most expensive sports bike as of 2015..?? It’s the Feline One. And, it comes at a staggering price tag of $280,000 (approximately Rs. 1.75 crores).

Feline One Line-art
Feline One Line-art

A Switzerland-based bike company Feline Motorcycles has decided to launch Feline One after having done the research & development of the bike for about four years. Furthermore, the company which developed the world’s most expensive bike is going to make it very limited - only 50 number of units of the bike.

Feline one: Power and design

French designer Yacouba Galle designed this future-age bike. The motorcycle uses some of the highest quality materials such as carbon, titanium, aerospace aluminum and fine leather.

Feline one: Power and design

It is manufactured using some of the highest quality materials such as carbon, titanium, aerospace aluminum and fine leather. French designer Yacouba Galle designed this future-age bike. Feline One is powered by an 801cc, three-cylinder engine which delivers a maximum power output of 170bhp.

Moreover, the main features in the design of this bike are its aesthetics, showing clean lines. They enhance the aggressive front end and hook-shaped back end. However, one of the most prominent features of the bike is it’s exterior.

Feline-One front
Feline-One front

Feline Motorcycles designed the exterior in such a way that it hides the bolts and weld-joints, Thus, it gives the bike a seamless look. Besides, what makes this bike different is its rigid frame, unique anti-dive fork and ultra-lightweight structure (only 155kg). Thus, it will make this bike extremely easy and efficient to ride.

Feline One rear
Feline One rear

Specifications of Feline One:

Type 3-cylinder, 4-stroke
Capacity 801 cm3
Power 170 bhp
Transmission 6-speed gearbox
Exhaust system Titanium
Frame Titanium, carbon fiber, and aerospace aluminum
Fork Dual carbon swing-arms, 2-dampers with fiber spring
Swing-arm Carbon Fiber, mono damper with fiber spring
Rims Carbon fiber
Front brake 4-discs Ø 230 mm, with 4-pistons calipers
Rear brake Single disc Ø 220 mm
Front tire 120/70 – ZR 17
Rear tire 200/50 – ZR 17
Fairing Carbon Fiber
Wheelbase 1400 mm
Saddle height 808 mm
Dry weight 155 kg

Furthermore, we learn that Feline will launch the first Feline One by early 2016.

Watch Feline One in action here:

Note: (All Images, Credits & Courtesy: Yacouba Galle, Feline Motorcycles)

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