Anti-theft alarm system

Anti-Theft Alarm System or Car alarm Working Explained

What is an Anti-theft alarm system?

The motorcycle and car owners consider their possessions valuable. However, motorcycle and car thefts are common in most countries around the world. To prevent the cars and motorcycles from being stolen, the manufacturers use different methods. An 'Anti-theft alarm system' or Car Alarm is a type of device or method which prevents the unauthorized access to a motorcycle or car. Hence, the manufacturers fit such a device to prevent it from being used by an unauthorized person. To facilitate this, they install various anti-theft alarm or devices in the cars.

How does the Anti-theft alarm system or Car Alarm work?

The Anti-theft alarm system works with the help of sensors installed in and around the vehicle. An impact or the movements inside the car activates the sensors. This, in turn, triggers the Anti-theft alarm system and sounds the alarm. The alarm goes off and alerts the owner/people. Even, the change in vehicle’s position can alert the tilt sensor and activates the anti-theft alarm system.

Furthermore, you can buy a car with factory fitted alarms by the manufacturer (OEM) or you can install an after-market unit. OEM systems usually have the Remote Keyless Entry system which helps Lock/Unlock the doors and even start the engine. Besides, Remote Keyless Alarm systems use radio receiver, immobilizer, motion detector and wireless USB systems. Additionally, the Remote keyless system operates on the strong cryptography authentication mechanisms.

Car Alarm system
Car Alarm system

The Advanced Anti-theft system or Car Alarm disadvantages:

The anti-theft alarm system alone may not be enough to prevent the car theft. Unfortunately, well-organized crime syndicates are able to bypass such systems. It is the most basic technology your car must have. You may need a more advanced technology if you want to prevent the vehicle theft.

The best approach is to install an engine immobilizer in a car. Nowadays, many vehicles come with pre-installed immobilizer units which can give protection through the ignition system. OEM immobilizers function through the ECU/ECM (computers) installed inside the vehicle.

However, the technology also moved fast in the recent times. The luxury cars employ cutting-edge technologies to prevent the unauthorized access to the ignition system. The simple lock and key mechanism are now replaced with the new-age biometric identification and RFID tags. Basically, the ECM must be able to read the RFID tag attached to the key for the ignition to take place. To further safeguard the system, the manufacturers employ more advanced mechanisms such as the two-way authentication. Thus, the anti-theft alarm systems are now at new levels which make the cars secured.

Besides, some manufacturers use custom names to describe their anti-theft alarm systems. For e.g. Toyota uses the term 'Theft Deterrent System'.

Watch the Anti-theft alarm system or Car Alarm in action here:

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