Vardenchi custom motorcycle brand is redefining motorcycles in India

Vardenchi custom motorcycle brand

Vardenchi custom motorcycle brand making the difference:

Motorcycles, everyone loves them. Because, the feel of a motorcycle is different and you cannot compare with any other vehicle out there. And, when someone has it custom made, the story is altogether different. Vardenchi custom motorcycle, a brand from Pune, is making the difference since 2014. Seems like it has redefined how motorcycles are made which suits the Indian taste.

Vardenchi Black Hawk
Vardenchi Black Hawk

The Story of Vardenchi  custom motorcycle brand:

First of all,  the term ‘Vardenchi’ in Marathi means ‘something that belongs to Varde’. The founder of the brand is Akshay Varde who has a Maharashtrian surname ‘Varde’. Thus, the brand derives its name from his surname. However, Akshay created the brand purely out of passion. Subsequently, the outline, design and build can change the way we look at things.

In conclusion, every motorcycle produced at Vardenchi is a work of art. The strong relationship between Vardenchi and its customers results in very beautiful motorcycle designs. In almost all motorcycles, the base is a Royal Enfield motorcycle. Verdenchi custom motorcycle manufactures almost all of the custom parts in house. Sometimes, the company may import them. Thus, the ultimate goal is to create something different with world class quality.

Vardenchi custom motorcycle Alloy Wheel
Vardenchi custom motorcycle Alloy Wheel

At every stage from sketching & 3D modelling to fabrication; the emphasis is more on the quality. Furthermore, the fit and finish also plays a key role in finished product. Almost every motorcycle imitates its rider’s personality. Verdenchi custom motorcycle takes care of the individual needs at every stage.

What is hot at Vardenchi?

Vardenchi Graphics
Vardenchi Graphics

At Vardenchi custom motorcycle brand, there are two types of motorcycles which are – ‘custom motorcycles’ and ‘customised brand motorcycles’. Both of these types are different. The former is a modified version of a production motorcycle while the latter is designed to signify the brand message. The latter part literally recalls the brand.

Custom Motorcycle

In this type there are four sub types Type 1, Type2, Type3 & Type4. The company uses Royal Enfield motorcycle as a base in almost all and builds customization around it. Moreover, Type1 is an economical segment and type 4 is the premium one where you have to shell out more.

Vardenchi custom motorcycle Dragster
Vardenchi custom motorcycle Dragster

Customized Brand Motorcycle

Now, here all the creativity begins. These are the motorcycles built around the brand. While no one believes they have a motorcycle which emphasizes on Cloud9 brand. Yes, you have read it right. Cloud9 is an energy drink. So, this segment also features the movie themed motorcycles such as ‘Ghost Rider’ and ‘Tron Legacy’. These type of motorcycles include the most noteworthy features of Vardenchi custom motorcycle.

These are classic motorcycles with stunning visuals. ‘Hot Wheels’ themed motorcycle is a work of art. There is also a motorcycle built around the Canon visual lounge in Worli. Yet, all of the designs are really fascinating. Almost all of this is not possible without serious creativity and passion.

In conclusion, Vardenchi custom motorcycle is surely making big difference in the custom motorcycle world in India.

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