What is Twin Shocks Technology by TVS?

Twin Shocks Technology (Photo Courtesy: TVS)

What is Twin Shocks?

Twin Shocks describes two shock absorbers on each side at the rear of the bike.

TVS Max-4R with Twin Shocks (Photo Courtesy: TVS)
TVS Max-4R with Twin Shocks (Photo Courtesy: TVS)

For – Load carrying ability, Comfortable ride quality. By – TVS Max4 R

How Twin Shocks Works:

This is an entry-level technology deployed by India’s TVS motorcycles (http://www.tvsmotor.in) in their TVS Max 4R bike. With two shock absorbers at the rear on each side improves load carrying ability and provides better ride quality. which is also helpful in managing the total weight of the motorcycle with the load. The two shock absorbers can carry more load as compared to single shock-absorber. This technology specifically targets the people who carry commercial loads on the bike such as couriers and provide delivery of goods like newspapers, milk, and foodstuff etc.

Twin Shocks Working (Photo Courtesy: TVS)
Twin Shocks Working (Photo Courtesy: TVS)

Also on bad roads with load, the Twin Shock Absorber technology will provide better handling and improved ride quality. This is because it will be able to dampen the road shocks twice strongly as compared to the single shock absorber. The Twin Shock absorbers technology is ideal for travel which requires carrying heavy loads over long distances. Typically, It is very effective where roads are uneven such as unpaved roads in rural areas.

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