What Is A Station Wagon Or Estate? What Are Its Benefits?

Station Wagon or Estate

Station Wagon:

Manufacturers also refer to the station wagon as just a wagon or an estate. It is a sedan/saloon variant with its roof extended rearward over a shared passenger/cargo space. The station wagon is a passenger vehicle that has more focus on transporting cargo than a sedan. In a station wagon, the tailgate connects to the extended roof-line. It replaces the conventional boot or trunk and provides access to the cargo area thru a third or fifth rear door.

Holden Commodore (Courtesy: Holden)
Holden Commodore (Courtesy: Holden)

Furthermore, the body style of a wagon includes an A, B, and C and a D-pillar. Usually, manufacturers build most station wagons on a sedan model using the sedan’s platform. So, the first two compartments are pretty similar to their sedan models. The cargo area is different in terms of body style. However, some flagship sedans don’t offer a station wagon version.


Station Wagon consists of three (3) main compartments:

  1. The front section of the car consists of the bonnet or hood and the engine compartment.
  1. The middle section consists of a passenger area with four doors and two rows of seats capable of housing five average-sized passengers, including the driver.
  1. The rear section consists of the boot or cargo compartment for luggage. The roofline goes all the way back up to the rear of the car, which provides more space for cargo.

Almost all the manufacturers offer a station wagon or estate model of their popular sedan. High-end wagons or estates usually feature many luxuries and benefits of the sedan, such as good aerodynamics and an all-wheel-drive option. Besides, you can fold down the rear passenger seats whenever they are not occupied, allowing more cargo space. Thus, you can convert the wagon into a small-sized pick-up truck or van in terms of cargo capacity. The tail-gate is either hinged at the top or side. There are some wagons with side-hinged tailgates also.

Application / Usage:

Thus, it makes the station wagon or estate a choice for an everyday & practical vehicle. It is even more versatile than the sedan, but it appears bulky. It is also convenient as a tourer as you can load more cargo for long-distance traveling. However, sedans are more stylish and considered prestigious compared to station wagons. The station wagons are as good as the sedans in terms of performance with more practicality. However, the price of a wagon is a little higher than its sedan counterpart. Some of them are used for particular purposes, such as funeral transportation and ambulance, because of their sheer space & versatility.

Luxury wagon for funeral transportation (Courtesy: funeralcare.co.uk)
Rolls Royce Phantom used for funeral transportation (Courtesy: funeralcare.co.uk)

Most car manufacturers offer the wagon models of their sedans. Mercedes Benz, BMW, and Audi are some of the high-end car manufacturers which offer an estate version of their popular sedans. High-performance wagons include Audi RS4, Audi RS6, Mercedes-AMG C63, Mercedes-AMG E63, BMW M5 (E60/E61), Volkswagen Golf R, and Volkswagen Passat R36 wagons.

Watch a Station Wagon or Estate in action here:

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