Programmed Fuel Injection (Photo Courtesy: Hero MotoCorp)

What is PFi/PGMFi – Fuel Injection Technology?

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What is PFI/PGMFi?

PGMFi stands for Programmed Fuel Injection.

PFi / PGMFi (Photo Courtesy: Hero MotoCorp)
Programmed Fuel Injection (Photo Courtesy: Hero MotoCorp)

For - Optimum fuel efficiency and lower emission. By - Hero Glamour

How PFi/PGMFi works:

This is the newer generation of Electronic Fuel Injection technology. Hero MotoCorp ( implemented it in Hero Glamour bike. PFI works by injecting the correct amount of fuel precisely calculated by an ECU into the engine.

Furthermore, engine sensors measure the temperatures of the engine coolant, engine oil and outside air whereas the pressure sensors monitor engine oil and atmospheric pressures. Based on this data and the position of the throttle, the ECU calculates the correct quantity and timing of the fuel to be injected. This system helps in achieving optimum fuel efficiency and lower emission. It also reduces the engine knocking and improves the driveability as claimed by Hero.

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