MCi-5 engine technology

What is MCi-5 Engine Technology by Mahindra?

What is MCi-5?

It stands for Micro Chip ignited-5 Curve (MCi-5) engine.

MCi-5 engine (Photo Courtesy: Mahindra)
MCi-5 engine (Photo Courtesy: Mahindra)

For - Great pick-up & Superior mileage. By - Mahindra Centuro, Pantero

How MCi5 works:

MCi-5 Engine features in Mahindra Centuro & Pantero bikes. Mahindra developed this engine technology in-house. Mahindra claims that it smartly balances engine power and fuel economy. This is basically an ECU (Electronic Control Unit) controlled engine supported by the sensors. The ECU provides 5 different ignition curves or ignition timing angle (timing advance options) for the engine. The ECU intelligently controls the ignition angle (advance) of the engine by implementing the five predetermined values (curve).

Mahindra Pantero (Photo Courtesy: Mahindra)
Mahindra Pantero (Photo Courtesy: Mahindra)

According to Mahindra, the MCi5 engine adjusts itself to give great pick-up on slopes or mileage on flat roads; resulting in fewer gear-shifts while riding. The system also adjusts the engine performance according to road conditions resulting in better power delivery and fuel efficiency as claimed by Mahindra.

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