Best Average Diesel cars

Best Average Diesel Cars of India in 2015

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India’s Top 11 Best Average Diesel cars in 2015 with 20+ Km/L Average:

Doesn’t matter to how low the oil prices tumble, the love for the best average diesel cars in India will not fade away so soon. For the 'diesel-obsessed' Indians, it’s the economics of the ‘subsidized fuel’ & subsequent ‘savings’; which attract them to the diesel cars. The diesel as a fuel has slow-burning character, which makes diesel-engine cars deliver higher mileage over their petrol-counterparts.

The drivability of the car depends on various technical factors such as the engine capacity, power & mainly the torque. Below is the table showing various car models, their engine capacity, amount of torque they produce and mileage they deliver. It will help you get to a conclusion while deciding your next diesel hatchback.

Following are the top 11 best average diesel cars of India (hatchbacks segment) in 2015.

At the top of the list of the best average diesel cars is Maruti Celerio Diesel, which delivers a class-leading mileage of 27.62 Km/L; is powered by a twin-cylinder engine.

1. Maruti Celerio - 793cc - 125 Nm - 27.62 Km/L

Maruti Celerio Diesel (Photo Courtesy: Maruti Suzuki)
Maruti Celerio Diesel (Photo Courtesy: Maruti Suzuki)

New Honda Jazz with a high torque engine delivers an impressive 27.30 Km/L.

2. Honda Jazz - 1498cc - 204 Nm - 27.3 Km/L.

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