Tesla model X : SUV from the future is now real & it’s here

tesla model x

Tesla model X – where design meets sustainability:

Tesla, the most popular brand in the world of electric cars, has recently launched an SUV called Tesla model X – first of its kind of an all-electric SUV. Until recently with the launch of Model S, Tesla become popular due to its sustainable automotive solutions without compromising the speed, agility, and design. In model X Tesla has fulfilled the dream of making the first electric SUV, which can gain 0-60 mph in just 3.8 seconds with a top speed of 155mph. These specs are easily comparable to any conventional gasoline-powered SUVs, however; still, Tesla model X outperforms them.

Let’s see its features and understand why it is so different than traditional SUV’s:

Pollution free inside:

Yes, you read pollution and it is correct..! Tesla has implemented medical-grade HEPA filters so that what comes inside is free from the viruses, bacteria, and pollutants; making the air inside the cabin as pure as hospital grade. Generally, in the traditional SUV or any car you get two modes in the dashboard console – fresh air and recirculate; but now it is a thing of the past. Tesla has put three buttons instead – fresh air, recirculate and bio-weapon defense mode; which brings clean, the virus-free air inside the cabin.

Bio weapon defense mode: tesla model x (Courtesy:Tesla Motors)
Bio-weapon defense mode: Tesla model x (Courtesy: Tesla Motors)

Safety at your service:

In traditional SUV, the front mounted engine encroaches into the cabin space in case of an impact; potentially causing injuries to the occupants. However, in Tesla model X, there is no such large engine at the front. Instead, all its electric motors are mounted on the wheels; so there is no chance of engine entering the cabin. Similarly, a large trunk in front helps to absorb frontal impacts without causing damage to the cabin and passengers inside. The car is equipped with a unique feature called ‘Active Safety’, where a camera radar and sonar system mounted on Tesla model x scans surrounding continuously and alerts the driver in real time; which helps in avoiding collisions. Even at high speeds on highways, it can apply emergency brakes automatically.

Emergency Braking: Tesla Model X (Courtesy:Tesla Motors)
Emergency Braking: Tesla Model X (Courtesy: Tesla Motors)

The battery panel is mounted on the floor, which helps in minimizing the damage from side collisions and absorb impacts with greater strength. It also reduces the chance of rollover to almost 50% compared to a traditional SUV. All these safety features make the Tesla model x one of the safest SUVs available in the market.

Floor Mounted Battery Pack: Tesla Model X (Courtesy: Tesla Motors)
Floor Mounted Battery Pack: Tesla Model X (Courtesy: Tesla Motors)


The chassis has great strength with battery pack, which makes the entire structure rigid and more impact absorbing with an added benefit of a lower center of mass.

Chasis: Tesla Model X (Courtesy: Tesla Motors)
Chasis: Tesla Model X (Courtesy: Tesla Motors)

Wings to fly:

The most prominent feature in Tesla model X is its falcon wings. Tesla has redesigned the entire back door into something which helps to access rear seats very easily, even at cramped parking spaces. Just 1 foot of distance from either side is sufficient to get in or out from the car.

Falcon wings
Falcon wings (Courtesy: Tesla Motors)

The doors have a peculiar style of movement called up and out. With the help of sensors, this movement brings great maneuverability in small parking spaces and garages. So, small space is no more a big question; as rear doors of the Tesla model x adjust their opening arc themselves effortlessly. Front doors can also open automatically when you position yourself specifically with doors.

Falcon doors opening
Falcon doors opening (Courtesy: Tesla Motors)


Tesla Model x is designed aerodynamically in such a way that it could cover more distance on a single charge. It is one of the most aerodynamic SUVs in production to date. Such design helps to reduce drag and cover more distance efficiently. The drag coefficient is almost 20% lower than any SUV. Tesla model x can cover a distance of 250 miles in one recharge. This is possible only because of aerodynamic design and an active spoiler; which optimizes the efficiency and stability.

aerodynamics (Courtesy: Tesla Motors)

Open to the sky:

Tesla Model X has a large panoramic windshield, which brings a wide view of the sky. It also creates an obstruction-free view to driver and passengers. Visibility of the surrounding and solar tinting makes it the class apart.

Panaromic view
Panoramic view (Courtesy: Tesla Motors)

Space has no limits:

Furthermore, seven people and luggage can be easily accommodated inside. Tesla has designed every seat in the best possible way to maximize comfort. There is enough leg room as well. The third-row seats can be folded, second-row seats can lean forward and out of the way which makes more space for cargo. However, the second-row seats are designed in such a way that you can access the third row without clutter. There are two seating configurations – 6 and 7. In 6 seat configuration, the second row opens in third; maximizing luggage space. Large front and rear trunks open up the possibility of carrying everything from bicycles to golf bags. Tesla Model X  is the first electric SUV, which can tow almost 5000 pounds of weight.

Spacious Interiors (Courtesy: Tesla Motors)

Thus, the efficient design and technology make Tesla Model X class apart.

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