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How fascinating is Yamaha Fascino?

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Yamaha Fascino vs Honda Activa 3G vs TVS Jupiter

‘Scooter war’ gains momentum again

With the launch of 113cc scooter Fascino, Yamaha has again stirred up the scooter industry in India. With more and more competent entrants being introduced into this segment, it is very difficult to choose the most suitable one. So, in this article, we compare Yamaha Fascino with its major rivals i.e. Honda Activa 3G and TVS Jupiter.

Three to tango!!!


Engine: Yamaha Fascino vs Honda Activa 3g vs TVS Jupiter

Out of the three, Fascino has the highest capacity engine of 113cc whereas Activa 3G and Jupiter are equipped with approximately 109cc engines. But, a quick glance at the power and torque values changes the perspective. In terms of power, TVS Jupiter manages to secure the first rank and is closely followed by Honda Activa 3G. That means if you are looking for speed, TVS Jupiter is the best bet. However, torque values may further alter your opinion. Honda’s motor on Activa 3G is the best for torque output. Hence, it can generally accelerate the vehicle faster compared to others.

Mileage and Fuel Tank capacity:

Fuel matter: Yamaha Fascino vs Honda Activa 3g vs TVS Jupiter

Taking into account the fuel economy figures claimed by the respective manufacturers, Yamaha Fascino clearly dominates the rest. With the help of the Blue core technology and lightweight construction, it delivers a handsome fuel economy figure of 66kmpl.

In terms of the size of the belly i.e. a fuel tank, Honda Activa 3G has the largest one of capacity 5.3 liters. Yamaha Fascino closely follows it by having a capacity of 5.2 liters.

General Dimensions & Weight:

General dimensions: Yamaha Fascino vs Honda Activa 3g vs TVS Jupiter

Considering the wheelbase, TVS Jupiter and Yamaha Fascino are almost equal, but Jupiter wins the number game by merely 5mm. The longer wheelbase vehicles are more comfortable in long riding hours. In terms of ground clearance, Activa 3G is still unbeatable with 153mm. Fascino has the poorest figure of 128mm- not so good feature considering the Indian roads!

Weight: Yamaha Fascino vs Honda Activa 3g vs TVS Jupiter

On the weight front, Yamaha Fascino is the most ‘slim & trim’ weighing only 103kg.

Suspension & Tyres:

Suspension: Yamaha Fascino vs Honda Activa 3g vs TVS Jupiter

For a feathery ride to riders, both Fascino and TVS Jupiter come with telescopic front suspension. However, Honda Activa 3G lags behind a bit in this regard. The rear suspension is almost of the same configuration on these three scooters.

Tires & Rim: Yamaha Fascino vs Honda Activa 3g vs TVS Jupiter

For tires, TVS has adopted the most modern technology on Jupiter i.e. alloy wheels and tubeless tires and hence clearly dominates the rest.


Brakes: Yamaha Fascino vs Honda Activa 3g vs TVS Jupiter

Honda's area of dominance is the brakes; as always. The situation seems to be the same after so many years. It is evident from the fact that combi brakes are offered only on Honda Activa 3G.


Price: Yamaha Fascino vs Honda Activa 3g vs TVS Jupiter

If you consider the ex-showroom prices, TVS Jupiter is the best choice and hence, a winner in this category.

In conclusion, you should choose TVS Jupiter if the price is the main criteria while choosing Yamaha Fascino if the fuel economy is your prime concern.

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