faraday future ffzero 1

Faraday Future FFzero 1: A superb electric car by Le Eco

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Faraday Future FFzero 1: A Mind-Blowing Concept!

Chinese company Le Eco founded an emerging start-up named 'Faraday Future' in California in 2014. This company mainly focuses on manufacturing intelligent electric cars. Faraday Future FFzero 1 is a single-seater, smart electric sports-car. FFzero 1 has two prominent features; its design and a variable platform architecture.

The steering of Faraday Future FFzero 1

User Experience of Faraday Future FFzero 1:

The user experience (UX), more prominently, depends on the user interface. Faraday Future FFzero 1's user interface provides all the necessary information to the driver. This also includes critical data about vehicle condition, safety, and vehicle velocity.

In addition, Faraday Future FFzero 1 can easily connect to a smartphone. This integration results in seamless visualization and interaction between driver and smartphone. Moreover, the driver can use various apps, customize the car and adjust its power output as well.

Interiors of Faraday FFzero 1:

In terms of interior design and technology, this car is way ahead of others. To begin with, FFzero's seat has the most advanced feature to date. It provides 'zero gravity driving position'; inspired by NASA's zero-gravity technology. This design gives the feeling of weightlessness. Thus, the driver's stress is reduced significantly.

Zero gravity seat on Faraday Future FFzero 1

Also, ergonomic design of driver's cabinet comes with the signature asymmetric instrument panel. The unique materials utilized in interiors showcase a good mix of dark and light shades. Various textures and finishes along with harmonizing construction symbolize elegance.

Faraday Future FFzero 1 exteriors:

The body of FFzero 1 consists of advanced lightweight materials. Together with an aerodynamic design, it reduces the air-drag. The lesser the drag more is the range. Smooth surfaces and aerodynamics improve the efficiency further without compromising the performance. An integrated tail-fin maintains the stability of the car at high speed. Its digital canvas displays the driver's name, track position and battery charge level on the go.

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