Datsun Redigo: Is It Ready to go against Alto & Kwid?

Datsun redigo comparison

Datsun Redigo vs Maruti Alto 800 vs Renault Kwid

The most terrific small hatch war ever seen…!

Indians have always loved small hatchbacks than long sedans. Keeping this fact in mind, automakers have introduced a number of small cars in the Indian market over the years and most of these models have enjoyed success for a long period. Very recently, Datsun has announced its entry into this highly competitive market segment with its new entrant Datsun Redigo.To add spice to this competition, Maruti has just launched facelifted version of its very popular model i.e. Alto 800. Another vaunted contender of this segment is definitely Renault Kwid. We arranged a tug of war of all these vehicles to see which one suits and fits the Indian customer better! Let’s see the results…


Exterior design of Datsun Redigo and Maruti Alto clearly seems to be influenced by the styling note of the respective brands i.e. Nissan and Suzuki and is evident from the Japanese simplicity these vehicles manifest. Renault Kwid, on the other hand, has an aggressive look and seems to be more focused towards the Indian market.

Interior Datsun Redigo vs Maruti Alto 800 vs Renault Kwid
Interior design comparison (Datsun Redigo vs Maruti Alto 800 vs Renault Kwid)

As seen from the above picture, the interior design of all these vehicles seems quite in line with the needs of the user. However, Renault Kwid is ahead of Redigo and Alto 800 in the matter of style and overall finish.

Engine & Transmission:

Engine and transmission specs datsun redigo
Engine specs (Datsun Redigo vs Maruti Alto 800 vs Renault Kwid)

All the three of our contestants are powered by a petrol engine of capacity nearly 800cc. In terms of power and torque output, Datsun Redigo and Renault Kwid are at par with each other while Maruti Alto 800 lags behind marginally. All these vehicles are equipped with 5 speed manual transmission. As far as fuel economy is concerned, Datsun Redigo and Renault Kwid again perform equally well (as claimed by the respective manufacturers) by delivering a fuel economy of 25.17 km/lit. However, Alto 800 yields a slightly lower mileage of 24.7 km/lit.

Fuel-economy datsun redigo
Fuel economy comparison (Datsun Redigo vs Maruti Alto 800 vs Renault Kwid)


Apart from the most basic safety feature of a seat-belt, all the three vehicles have the option of driver airbag. Due the cost constraints, other commonly used safety features such as ABS, passenger side airbag etc. are NOT provided on any of these vehicles even as options. However, surprisingly enough, Datsun Redigo comes with daytime running lamps.


Price comparison datsun redigo
Price comparison Datsun Redigo vs Maruti Alto 800 vs Renault Kwid

As seen in the price chart above, Datsun Redigo seems to be the most economical option. This is provided that the company sticks to the indicative price it has declared. At present, Datsun is accepting the pre-booking amount of only  Rs. 5000. None the less, Maruti Alto 800 also has price-tag very closely to Redigo. However, the Kwid seems to be the costliest option of the three.

Thus, Datsun Redigo will have to push all its limits against the dashing character of Renault Kwid and the legacy of Maruti Alto!

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