RE Himalayan vs Duke 390

RE Himalayan vs Duke 390: Adventure Tourers Compared

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RE Himalayan vs Duke 390: Adventure Tourers Specs Comparison

The adventure tourer segment is hotting up in India with the Royal Enfield recently launching its first adventure-tourer ‘Himalayan’. The Himalayan takes on the KTM Duke 390 in the entry-level adventure-tourer segment. We have compared the two bikes Himalayan vs Duke 390 in this segment.

RE Himalayan vs Duke 390: Engine & Transmission

Himalayan has a single cylinder, air-cooled engine with oil cooler, while the Duke 390 also has a sophisticated single cylinder liquid cooled engine. Duke’s smooth-revving engine delivers a powerful performance due to whopping 43bhp on the tap which makes it a great tourer – be it on highways or in Ghats. It is way too higher than the Himalayan which gives out only 24.5bhp.

The effective power-to-weight ratio for Himalayan is only 134 Bhp/tonne, whereas for Duke 390 it is 316 bhp/tonne - almost 2.5 times the Himalayan. Among the two, the Duke’s torque value of 35 Nm is marginally higher than Himalayan’s 32 Nm. This gives Duke 390 a great pulling ability on slopes. While Himalayan gets a 5-speed, the Duke 390 gets a 6-speed gearbox.

Following is the comparison of the RE Himalayan vs Duke 390.

RE Himalayan vs Duke 390 Engine & Transmission
RE Himalayan vs Duke 390 Engine & Transmission

*Under Test Conditions as claimed by the manufacturers

Both the bikes are equipped with electric start option.

RE Himalayan vs Duke 390: Fuel Efficiency

In the fuel-economy, the Himalayan is likely to give upto 35-40 Km/L, while Duke 390 claims to deliver a decent mileage in the range of 30-35 Km/L. So, overall, RE has managed to obtain a fair performance in power & mileage for Himalayan.

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