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Buying A Car? Top Ten Tips while buying a car

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Buying a car, be it a sedan, hatchback, or an SUV, is an emotional affair for many. And especially for us, it definitely is! Because it is not only the dream of the one who is buying but also of his/her spouse, family, friends, and many more. We, at CarBikeTech, recognize this perfectly. So, here are these tips for making sure that your car buying experience is hassle-free.

Buying a car: Do you really need it?

The very first tip may seem a bit odd, but it is often the 'bitter medicine' that works well. Apart from the emotional attachments, one must keep in mind that any car you buy is always a liability and not an asset. It takes money out of your pocket. So, the very first thing that one must consider is whether buying a car is really that necessary. Most of the time, people make this decision based on emotional instincts and land up in trouble. So, first, think carefully and make sure that it is absolutely necessary.

Buying a car: How much can you spend?

Car Budget
Car Budget

After making sure that you need a car on utmost priority, the next logical question is the spending power. In the world of luxury, there is virtually no limit on how much one can spend on a car. If you belong to that category of super-rich buyers, then go and get the one you like! But if not, set a limit on how much you can spend for buying a car and then adhere to it. Remember that the on-road price of the car exceeds by a margin of 10-20% over its ex-showroom price.

Also, purchasing any additional accessories will add to the total cost of the vehicle. Thus, while making all the financial arrangements, some excess amount should be planned. In case if you are planning for a vehicle loan, make sure that you have understood the repayment policy very well. Most of the time, people opt for the lucrative EMI schemes and fall prey to higher interest rates.

Buying a car: Which body type to choose?

The automotive market is overflowing with vehicles of all segments. They include small hatchbacks, rugged SUVs, comfortable sedans, to extra-long limousines. Out of all these, selecting the one that fits your requirement is the key. If you are a city commuter, then small hatchbacks will be the right choice considering ease of maneuvering and parking.

For frequent inter-city travelers, comfortable sedans present a better option. For adventurer lovers, SUVs are essential. One more noteworthy point here is the number of people traveling in that car. From the road safety and passenger safety point of view, it is essential to make sure that the car selected can carry the number of people you desire. It is always risky to overload any car either with the passengers or with goods.

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