BST HyperTEK: The astonishing electric motorcycle is here


The future of electric motorcycles: BST HyperTEK

Nowadays, we hear a lot about electric vehicles. These electric vehicles have now become a reality. A second wave of the electric revolution is coming to motorcycles. The BST HyperTEK is a new innovative motorcycle from Blackstone TEK.

BST HyperTEK Rear View
BST HyperTEK Rear View

The team while designing this motorcycle used purest of thoughts with incredible mindset. As a result, you get a masterpiece without any compromise. Furthermore, the team has a passion for the best that never fades.

In addition, the BST HyperTEK team brought future possibilities to the present and its nothing but pure hard work. So, here everything on the blank canvas comes from the imagination. Building this masterpiece with perfection is not easy. Its an accumulation of thousands of thoughts. Thus, its a union of vision of the master designer and skill set of master craftsmen.

Unparallel Craftsmanship

The BST HyperTEK has unique craftsmanship. The main brain behind the scenes is Pierre Terblanche. He is responsible for several other iconic designs including Ducati. These designs have greater importance in the modern era.

Furthermore, Mr. Pierre has a proven track record in design. His work includes Ducati 888 and Ducati 999. His work also expands to Ducati Supermono, MHe900 Evoluzione, Hypermotard.

The BST HyperTEK has a high-power density radial flux motor. This motor produces 80Kw of raw power with 120Nm of torque. The battery has a unique shape that perfectly fits into the design. All electromechanical parts integrate very well into this sleek motorcycle.

BST HyperTEK Electric Motor
BST HyperTEK Motor

Furthermore, BST shares the same vision as Mr. Pierre. Thus, it is truly an iconic motorcycle with a thrilling performance. At the same time, the unique styling makes it class apart.

BST HyperTEK: The urge for the best in the world

Furthermore, BST is very well known to the racing world. They have deep knowledge of racing. So, they make visionary products that rely on new innovation. The passion and perfection reflect in everything they do. It is simply the outcome of the best work environment where everything is possible. It is the zest of constantly trying new things.

This project defines future of electric motorbike.

Gary Turner, CEO Blackstone TEK.

The Specifications

The BST HyperTEK has DHS Hawk water-cooled PMS motor. This motor produces 80kW of power with 120Nm of torque. The DC/DC charging with a quick charging time of 30minutes.

In addition, in one charge it can go upto 300km. It has a non-slipper/regen clutch. It comes with BST carbon fiber 17-inch wheels. The wheelbase is 1480 mm.

Furthermore, wheel travel is 130mm at the front and 140mm at the rear. The tire size is 120/55-17 at the front and 180/60-17 at the rear. The bike also comes with an adjustable seat height of 790/800/820mm. The BST-HyperTEK weighs 205kg.

The frame and front forks are made up of carbon fiber. The front and rear discs are aluminum ceramic infused ventilated type. In addition, instrumentation integrates into a head-up display of the helmet.

BST HyperTEK Sound Generator
BST HyperTEK Sound Generator

The BST HyperTEK has wheelie and traction control. In addition, it has an inbuilt sound generator. It becomes idle when you switch it on. The rider can rev by using the clutch. It also comes with cruise control and hill stop feature.

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