Anti-pinch technology – a safety system in car’s power wndows explained.

anti-pinch technology

Anti-Pinch Power Window:

Anti-pinch technology is a safety system that modern vehicles employ in power windows. The power window is the window that uses an electric motor to operate. As the name suggests, this technology prevents the accidental winding up of the power window. If the system senses any obstacle in the path of the glass, it prevents the window glass from moving further up. Thus, it prevents possible injuries to the occupants.

How Anti-Pinch Technology Works?

First of all, Power windows are getting very popular nowadays and you will find them very commonly even on the budget vehicles. As the popularity of these windows started increasing, some of the fatal safety concerns regarding their use came under focus. It all started with a number of cases of child suffocation because of the use of power windows.

Generally, children prefer to watch out through windows of the vehicle and hence they try to take their neck or hands out through the window. So In such a case, if anyone operates the window switch accidentally; the window starts closing causing suffocation or injuries to the child. The risk also arises in case of power windows which are programmed to operate without even the need to press the switch. To avoid such mishaps, engineers invented the anti-pinch technology.

Std for Anti-pinch-window
Standard for Anti-pinch windows (Courtesy: Atmel)

Hence In the case of window equipped with anti-pinch technology, the electric motor is fitted with a sensor which can sense the resistive force acting against the motion of the glass. As soon as the motor detects the obstacle, the winding action stops immediately and it starts operating in reverse direction. As a result, the window comes down; avoiding any injury to the occupant.

In many countries around the world, it is mandatory to use of anti-pinch technology.

See Anti-pinch technology in action:

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