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AMI: What is Advanced Microprocessor Ignition System by Hero

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Technological Features in Indian Bikes:

The Indian automotive industry, especially the bike segment in India, has undergone engineering transformation over the period of time. Many improvements have taken place in the areas like engines, power-train, and electricals. Here, we have compiled these technological advancements in our articles. One of these technologies is AMI or Advanced Microprocessor Ignition.

What is AMI:

The term AMI stands for Advanced Microprocessor Ignition System.

Hero Xtreme (Photo Courtesy: Hero MotoCorp)
Hero Xtreme with AMI (Photo Courtesy: Hero MotoCorp)

For - Better pick-up & power. By - Hero Xtreme

How does Advanced Microprocessor Ignition work:

Hero MotoCorp deployed the Advanced Microprocessor Ignition technology for its Hero Xtreme bike. In this design, the system links the sensors to the throttle control the spark advancement electronically. Thus, it is different to the mechanical control of spark in case of the conventional design. Hence, this system helps in delivering better pickup, power. And, it also improves fuel efficiency as claimed by Hero MotoCorp.

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