Adaptive Brake Technology Working Explained. Know Here:

Adaptive Brake

What Is Adaptive Brake Technology?

Adaptive Brake is an intelligent brake system which adjusts its braking according to the driving situation. It does so as to achieve the best possible and safe braking of the vehicle. Manufacturers term this system as adaptive brake technology.

How the Adaptive Brake System Works?

The main aim of employing adaptive brake technology is to reduce the brake response time so that the driver could bring the vehicle to a stop safely. The system analyzes the behavior of the vehicle ahead with the help of a radar-based sensor. The adaptive brake system also determines the critical situation and keeps the braking system prepared for the response.

If the brake pressure in the line increases to the desired level, the brake pads move closer to the brake disc even before the driver presses the brake pedal. This improves the response time significantly. Thereby, it allows the driver to control the vehicle easily.

Adaptive Brakes also integrate the Hill Start Assist and Hold function by working in unison with the ESP. A firm push of the brake pedal activates the HOLD function when the vehicle is in the stationary condition. This prevents the unwanted vehicle movement in the forward or reverse direction without the need of the driver to push the brake pedal.

In addition, adaptive brakes have the capability to recognize a wet driving condition such as a rainy season. In such a situation, adaptive brake system automatically rubs the brake pads with brake disc. Thus, they take out the unwanted water accumulated on the pads and disc. This feature enhances the braking capability in the wet conditions also.

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