Here is why Tesla Model S is making a big bang

Tesla Model S

Simple. Sound. Superior.

Gone are the days when electric vehicles had a maximum speed of hardly 40kmph, they were able to cover not more than 100km on a single charge and their comfort was barely enough. Now it is the age of luxurious and high-speed electric vehicles which are comparable to the most modern internal combustion engine powered vehicles in every aspect. Let us now have a look at such a masterpiece the Tesla Model S which is just about to reach a mark of 50000 in the sales figure!

Tesla Motors- a veteran in the manufacturing of premium electric vehicles; introduced Model S in the month of June 2012. And since then it has electrified the minds of thousands of satisfied customers.

What Drives Tesla Model S?

The powertrain fitted on the Model S comprises of a 60kWh (or 85kWh) microprocessor controlled Lithium-ion battery, three phase four pole AC induction motor, a drive inverter and a gearbox. This system is liquid cooled. The electric energy stored in the Lithium-ion battery drives the AC induction motor which in turn gives power to rear wheels through the gearbox.

Charging and Range of Tesla Model S:

Important locations on Model S
Some important locations on Model S (Courtesy- Tesla Motors Inc.)

Model S could be charged in three different ways- using a standard household socket of 110 V (12 A current rating) or a 240 V outlet of 40 A current capacity or by using a wall mount of 240V of 80A capacity. As claimed by Tesla Motors, Model S covers a distance of 3 miles (Approx. 4.8 km), 29 miles (Approx. 46.6 km) and 58 miles (Approx. 93.3 km) on a single hour charging respectively by the above three methods.

Also, the manufacturer claims that under the standard conditions, the vehicle having an 85 kWh battery has a range of 306 miles (Approx. 492km) on a single charge while the same for a 60 kWh battery is 244 miles (Approx. 392 Km).

Technology is undoubtedly superior. But is it safe?

Of course yes…! The safety equipment on the Model S is on par with any other modern car. Electronic Stability Control, Traction Control, Antilock Braking System, Cruise control, Eight Airbags, Three-point seat belts, engine immobilizer are a few of the many.

Body Styling & Interiors of Tesla Model S:

The body of Model S is not only good looking but also a well-engineered one. It is made of mainly Aluminium and has reinforcements of boron steel. Use of Aluminium in the body structure has allowed Tesla to keep the weight of this vehicle in check and thus it can claim the further weight-related advantages like long range.

Interiors of Model S
Interiors of Model S (Courtesy- Tesla Motors Inc.)

The interiors of Model S which can occupy 5 passengers are both luxurious and functional.

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