Tesla Model S

Here is why Tesla Model S is making a big bang

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Simple. Sound. Superior.

Gone are the days when electric vehicles had a maximum speed of hardly 40kmph, they were able to cover not more than 100km on a single charge and their comfort was barely enough. Now it is the age of luxurious and high-speed electric vehicles which are comparable to the most modern internal combustion engine powered vehicles in every aspect. Let us now have a look at such a masterpiece the Tesla Model S which is just about to reach a mark of 50000 in the sales figure!

Tesla Motors- a veteran in the manufacturing of premium electric vehicles; introduced Model S in the month of June 2012. And since then it has electrified the minds of thousands of satisfied customers.

What Drives Tesla Model S?

The powertrain fitted on the Model S comprises of a 60kWh (or 85kWh) microprocessor controlled Lithium-ion battery, three phase four pole AC induction motor, a drive inverter and a gearbox. This system is liquid cooled. The electric energy stored in the Lithium-ion battery drives the AC induction motor which in turn gives power to rear wheels through the gearbox.

Charging and Range of Tesla Model S:

Important locations on Model S
Some important locations on Model S (Courtesy- Tesla Motors Inc.)

Model S could be charged in three different ways- using a standard household socket of 110 V (12 A current rating) or a 240 V outlet of 40 A current capacity or by using a wall mount of 240V of 80A capacity. As claimed by Tesla Motors, Model S covers a distance of 3 miles (Approx. 4.8 km), 29 miles (Approx. 46.6 km) and 58 miles (Approx. 93.3 km) on a single hour charging respectively by the above three methods.

Also, the manufacturer claims that under the standard conditions, the vehicle having an 85 kWh battery has a range of 306 miles (Approx. 492km) on a single charge while the same for a 60 kWh battery is 244 miles (Approx. 392 Km).

Technology is undoubtedly superior. But is it safe?

Of course yes…! The safety equipment on the Model S is on par with any other modern car. Electronic Stability Control, Traction Control, Antilock Braking System, Cruise control, Eight Airbags, Three-point seat belts, engine immobilizer are a few of the many.

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