Smallest car in the world

The smallest car in the world is Peel P50 and it is insanely small….!

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Do  you know which is the smallest car in the world?

Smallest car in the world is Peel P50 which is designed by Peel Engineering Company in Isle Of Man. It was first produced in 1962. Till date, it is in production and you can buy it right away. It was listed in the Guinness book of world records in 2010 with a title of 'Smallest production car ever made'.

The production is on since 1964. However, only 50 cars were manufactured, making this car rarest of the rare. At Peel Engineering, they started reproducing the cars 6 years back with great enthusiasm.

Design of smallest car in the world:

The Peel P50 has most noteworthy design. It is just 54 inches long and just 41 inches wide. In addition, the car has no reverse gear as the vehicle is so small that it can be easily maneuvered when needed. Probably, this car is designed on the concept of minimalist design. It has only three wheels; same as an auto-rickshaw. There is only one headlight and also one left side door. The single windscreen wiper takes care of the rains.

It can accommodate only one adult and his/her briefcase. It is capable of travelling at a speed of 40mph. In conclusion, the minimalist design makes this car ultra-light and extremely compact. Due to it's small size, Peel P50 is suitable mainly for short city commutes.

Features of Peel P50

Smallest car in the world Steering Controls
Smallest car in the world Steering Controls

First of all, modern day automobiles are manufactured on large production lines with the help of robots. While at Peel, everything is different. Every Peel P50 manufactured is handmade. Yet, every car is custom designed and built as per owner’s requirement.

In addition, Peel P50 uses a fibreglass monocoque chassis. As a result, the P50 becomes lightweight and strong. The steering wheel is rack and pinion type. Fully independent suspension and automatic gearbox makes driving this small beauty effortless. Mid-engine, rear wheel drive takes care of the weight distribution. Furthermore, Leather seats add great looks to upholstery.

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