SEP Technology (Image Courtesy: Suzuki)

What Is SEP Technology By Suzuki And How It Works?

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What is SEP Technology:

SEP Technology stands for Suzuki Eco Performance technology.

SEP by Suzuki (Image Courtesy: Suzuki)
SEP by Suzuki (Image Courtesy: Suzuki)

For: Better mileage and performance. By: Suzuki Let's, Gixxer & Access

HOW Suzuki Eco Performance Technology Works:

Suzuki Eco Performance is developed by Suzuki Motorcycle India ( The company implemented SEP in Suzuki Let's' scooter's petrol engine. Furthermore, Suzuki Eco Performance engine technology claims best fuel efficiency & performance. According to Suzuki, SEP achieves this by reducing all kinds of mechanical losses. It also involves the efficient design of components and attention to detail in the manufacturing process.

The latest Suzuki Gixxer bike also has SEP technology. Moreover, Suzuki claims that this technology gives an exceptional running performance with a broad low-end torque and dynamic mid-range power for strong acceleration.

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