Alibaba’s new wonder – YunOS powered car!

YunOS Powered Car

YunOS powered car from Alibaba

Alibaba Group, the largest eCommerce giant from China, recently launched a vehicle named ‘RX 5’. The RX 5 is a sports utility vehicle which uses an all-new operating system called YunOS. This operating system is specifically designed for the automotive sector. YunOS powered car will bring one of the best consumer experiences on the go. In addition, YunOS is also compatible with the recent advances of technology like the vehicle to vehicle communication, autonomous driving etc.

YunOS Powered Cars Exteriors
YunOS Powered Cars Exteriors (Courtesy: Alibaba Group)

RX5 and YunOS Overview:

RX 5 along with YunOS provides an entirely new and complete ecosystem for car-apps. At present, such systems rely on various third-party services like android auto and apple play. However, in case of YunOS powered car, the entire system works on a single OS i.e. YunOS. For example, you can purchase anything via Alibaba, pay for fuel and parking via Alipay etc. Thus, the user experience will be streamlined and enhanced by offering everything under one roof.

With RX 5, Alibaba will integrate all their e-commerce services with automotive technology. Also, this operating system is a subsystem of IOT (Internet Of Things). Implementing IOT will further improve data collection and information processing. Hence, the consumer would be able to make informed buying decisions on the go.

Functions and features of YunOS powered car RX5:

YunOS Powered Car Interiors
YunOS Powered Car Interiors (Courtesy: Alibaba Group)

In this car, the driver will get a unique ID. The entire system will use this unique ID to identify the person. It will leverage the data related to driving style and other preferences of the driver. After processing this data, the system will make suggestions for food stops, air temperature, music and many more. Furthermore, YunOS powered car RX5 will feature voice control, three LED screens and 360-degree detachable camera to record the trips. The system is also open to third-party services.

The RX5-the first mass-produced internet car, is available for pre-order, costing approximately $22,300. Alibaba group is very optimistic about bringing the internet to cars to expand services.  Now it seems that more and more eCommerce companies will enter into the automotive field to achieve sustainable growth and aid sustainable transport!

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