Range Rover Sentinel: What you need to know


Armored Range Rover Sentinel

A place where driving pleasure, luxury and safety go hand in hand!!

“Ohh… I hate these limos… Why shall I sacrifice my driving passion just for the sake getting some extra protection? Can I ever allay the strong urge of driving that resides deep in the human being wearing this business suit?” Just wait a second…If you belong to this category then there is a solution for your problem! Now you can rediscover your lost joy of hard core driving even with the protective shield on. Made possible by a brain child of Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Division, named ‘Range Rover Sentinel’! The first ever factory made, armour proof Range Rover, is out to quench the driving thirst of many of the VIPs who are also fond of driving. Let us see what this iconic SUV has on offer.

The cocoon:

The first and foremost important feature of Range Rover Sentinel is nothing but its strong body shell made of six different pieces of high strength steel that safeguard the occupants against almost any danger that may come. The windows are sealed with the help of multi laminated smash and bullet resistant glass with an exception of the driver’s window which could be lowered 100mm for important tasks such as document transfer.

The body shell is so strong that it can withstand firing of 7.62 mm high velocity armour, 15kg TNT blast from both the sides and attack by hand grenades on roof and floor. Such an incredible engineering!

The muscular:

Under the hood of Range Rover Sentinel lies a strong, muscular 3 lit V6 supercharged petrol engine that lashes out a raw power of 340 bhp. This engine is mated to a specially designed 8 speed ZF gearbox. In addition, Sentinel is also accoutred with Dynamic Stability Control and Ride Stability Control to ensure optimum performance inspite of the increased vehicle weight.

Run flat tyres on Sentinel
Run flat tyres on Sentinel (Courtesy: JLR)

Range Rover Sentinel Interiors:

Range Rover Sentinel Interiors
Range Rover Sentinel Interiors (Courtesy: JLR)

Great care has been taken not to hamper the super luxurious feel inside the vehicle. Hence the interiors of Range Rover Sentinel are exactly identical to a standard production Range Rover. It also offers the same headroom and legroom as does an ordinary vehicle. In case of an emergency, one can get out of the vehicle from the rear window provided.

Fire suppression system, siren system and emergency lights are also on the list. The payload carrying capacity of this SUV is 650 kg.

Sounds interesting, isn’t it? So, are you ready to get in and enjoy?

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