Omni directional wheels…now drive 360 degree!

Omni directinal wheels

How do omni wheels work?

Automotive technology is changing every day. With recent advances in autonomous and connected cars, we can easily say that technology is changing at faster pace than ever before! Also, the availability of internet has now made it easy for many independent researchers to contribute into such topics. One such avid Canadian car enthusiast and inventor, William Liddiard, has invented Omni directional wheels by researching into this topic for almost 8 years. Recently, Goodyear also has showcased similar technology in the form of eagle 360. However, it has altogether different working principle.

Omni directional wheels bolted on car
Omni directional wheels bolted on car (Courtesy: william liddiard)

Recently, William Liddiard promulgated the video of his invention on youtube. A careful eye on the video shows that the tyres are able to rotate either from inside-out or outside-in through 360 degree; depending on the movement of the vehicle. This is possible only by applying a large amount of torque. Almost 24000 foot-pound of torque is needed to turn the wheels in such a direction. Developing technology to produce such a large amount of torque, itself is a great achievement!

In addition, there is no need to do any modification to your existing car. There is absolutely no change in axle and gears. Just bolt the Omni directional wheels on your car and you are ready to go! This exceptional quality makes Omni directional wheels stand out from a commercial point of view. Thus, this technology is almost like plug and play. In the featured video, Toyota Echo uses these wheels. Although the movement of tyres is slightly weird, the way the car turns is really amazing!

Parking problems? Not anymore… Omni directional wheels are here!

The most significant advantage of these wheels is that it will solve the headache of parking the car in tight spaces or in-between two cars. You can simply move in and out by moving your car horizontally. Just imagine how convenient it would be to park the car now. Superb…!! William Liddiard is now working hard to refine his innovation of Omni directional wheels. He wishes to sell the refined form of this technology to giants of tyre industry! We, Crankit Consulting, wish William all success in his venture!!

Watch Omni directional wheels in action:

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