Mileage Challenge: Platina ES vs Splendor iSmart i3S

With 102.5 Km/l Hero Splendor iSmart i3S Claims ‘World’s Most Fuel Efficient Bike’ Title:

Just after Bajaj Auto launched its Platina ES 2015 bike claiming it to be the World’s most fuel efficient bike, arch-rival Hero MotoCorp has now sparked the Mileage War with new statistics to claim this title. According to Hero Motoorp, its Splendor iSmart is capable of giving 102.5 Km/l under test conditions (Reference: SIAM Fuel Efficiency Data, March’15). This mileage figure is now the highest figure, beating Bajaj Platina ES’ mileage of 96.9 Km/l by almost 5.6 Km/l – claiming to be ‘World’s Highest Mileage Bike’.

Mileage Challenge: Hero Splendor iSmart i3S & Bajaj Platina ES (Photo Courtesy: Hero MotoCorp, Bajaj Auto)
Mileage Challenge: Hero Splendor iSmart i3S & Bajaj Platina ES (Photo Courtesy: Hero MotoCorp, Bajaj Auto)

Although both are 100 cc bikes, it will not be fair to compare both these bikes since they belong to different segments. Here, you need to know that the Platina 100 ES is an entry-level 100 cc commuter bike. Whereas, the Splendor iSmart i3S is a bit premium-100 cc commuter bike – the segment which is a notch above the Platina. However, with the growing demand from our readers, we have statistically analysed the specifications of these bikes just to see where they stand apart from mileage.

Engine & Transmission:

Among the two, the Platina ES engine has slightly more power. Bajaj Platina ES is powered by a slightly bigger 102 cc DTSi engine which gives maximum power of 8.2 PS peak torque & 8.6 of Nm. Splendor iSmart i3S is powered by a 100 cc air-cooled, 4-stroke single cylinder OHC APDV engine that produces 7.8 Ps of maximum power at 7500 rpm and 8.04 Nm of peak torque @ 4500 rpm, both these values are slightly lower than the Platina ES. Both the bikes are driven by a 4-speed gearbox.

Platina ES vs iSmart i3S

Fuel Efficiency:

Hero Splendor iSmart i3S comes with Hero’s Idle Stop and Start System, which further saves fuel. In the fuel-economy, the Hero Splendor iSmart i3S now has the best-in-class mileage of 102.5 Km/l*; according to Hero MotoCorp. The Platina 100 ES returns 96.9 Km/L* as claimed by Bajaj Auto; now stands at second place. The Platina engine delivers slightly more power, whereas Splendor iSmart engine gives higher mileage; among the two.

Suspension & Brakes:

Both the bikes provide a telescopic-hydraulic fork suspension on the front. On the rear Platina ES provides a trailing arm with co- axial hydraulic shock-abs and ‘Spring on Spring’ or double coil springs for better ride quality. Splendor iSmart i3S provides Swing Arm with adjustable hydraulic shock absorbers which also give better ride quality according to road conditions.

Both the models provide drum brakes on front & rear. However, the front brake on the Patina ES with only 110 mm dia drum, whereas on the Hero Splendor iSmart i3S it is bigger in size with 130 mm; giving it better braking ability. The rear brake on Hero Splendor iSmart & Platina ES is of the same size with 110mm dia.

Platina ES vs iSmart i3S
Platina ES vs iSmart i3S

Wheels & Tyres:

The Hero Splendor iSmart i3S provides bigger 18” alloy wheels & optional tubeless tyres; whereas the Platina ES also gives alloy but they are smaller 17” wheels.


The Platina ES is the longer – with 2000 mm length & wider with 840 mm width among the two. The Platina ES also has bigger fuel tank & lower kerb weight than Splendor iSmart i3S. With the highest wheelbase of 1275mm & high ground clearance of 190 mm, Platina ES is perfect for bad roads. The Hero Splendor iSmart i3S however has low ground clearance of only 160 mm, making its ideal usage on better roads.

Platina ES vs iSmart i3S
Platina ES vs iSmart i3S


The Platina ES’ price of Rs. 43,432/- is lower than Hero Splendor iSmart i3S’ price at Rs. 51,100/-; among the two.

But, with 102.5 Km/l the Hero Splendor iSmart i3S is now the new winner of India’s Mileage Challenge…!!!

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