Ford sync: The ultimate car infotainment system…!

ford sync

Ford Motor Company and Microsoft Corporation have jointly developed a multimedia platform called Ford sync. The development of this platform started way back in year 2007. At present, all Ford vehicles use Ford sync. This system allows drivers to call or text hands free, operate favourite music and various functions based on voice commands.

The overview of Ford sync:

Smartphones are an unavoidable part of everybody’s life. However, using a phone to call or text while driving is very dangerous. It may lead to fatal accidents. Thus, the need for a system like sync arises because it can operate on voice commands. Hence, user gets a hands-free experience and also the danger of accidents is reduced.

In all, there are three generations of sync. The first two generations are called ford sync and MyFord touch respectively while third generation is named Sync 3. This system is even more powerful and smart.

First generation sync
First generation sync
Second generation sync
Second generation sync
Third generation sync
Third generation sync

Third party developers can also work on this platform. As a result, you can use apple car play and android auto on this system. Sync 3 is capable of touch inputs with enhanced voice navigation. It also has a brilliant LCD screen.

Features of Sync:

Sync has many interesting features. It uses Bluetooth of your smartphone as a primary source of connection between the phone and sync platform. As a result, you can copy the entire phone book as well as text messages on the system after connecting.

Hands Free Microsoft sync
Hands Free Microsoft sync

Furthermore, calls and texts can be easily operated by voice commands. Sync can also read incoming text messages. Inbuilt music player support helps to seamlessly play music from your phone. The applink feature of Sync helps to activate the application on smartphone by voice commands or by a button.

In addition, INRIX and Telenav have provided Traffic directions and navigation features in Sync. Thus, one can get real time updates on traffic and directions. Sync can also provide automatic health reports of the car to the owner. However, this feature is not available on first generation sync.

Besides these, the most important feature is the emergency assistant. The system automatically calls to emergency services in case of accidents or airbag deployment. Occupants can also communicate directly with the emergency operator. From a safety point of view, this feature adds enormous value!

Overall, Ford sync is really a good solution not only for infotainment but also from safety point of view!

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(Image Credits: Ford Motor Company & Microsoft Corporation)

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