GVA Motorsports manifests F1 skills

GVA Motorsports

Racing vehicle developed by engineering students

Exhibits  sound technical knowledge & professional expertise

It all started with a strong urge to apply what has been learnt, to challenge the imagination, to overcome the limitations and to mend the way through the obstacles… A few young and motivated minds came across an advertisement of a racing competition and suddenly they decided to build one such vehicle! And then what happened in the next five months is definitely going to cast a very long impression on the lives of all of these students and has moulded them into better technocrats than before. This is the story of Team GVA Motorsports and their vehicle ‘Stallion 2k15’!

The specifications of Stallion 2k15 by GVA Motorsports:

Team GVA Motorsports have built a single seater formula type student vehicle named ‘Stallion 2k15’ which is powered by a petrol engine derived from Honda’s bike CBR 250R. This engine is mounted towards rear on the specially designed chassis. The entire chassis is designed, analysed, fabricated and tested by the members of their team. Stallion 2k15 employs disc brakes on all its wheels in order to aid a quick stop and also to reduce weight. Pushrod actuated suspension at the front and rear does its job well and maintains a firm hold on the ground.

The making of Stallion 2k15

In addition, to keep the weight of the vehicle as minimum as possible is the key to the performance of any racing vehicle and here the condition is no different! In order to keep the overall vehicle weight under check, engineers at GVA Motorsports have employed Glass Fibre Reinforced Panels (GFRP) in the making of the body structure which has added enormous strength to body panels at a very minimal addition of weight. By taking into account the concept of ‘weight optimisation’ at every phase of life cycle of this product, engineers have limited the total weight of the vehicle to be just 285 kgs which is undoubtedly a key achievement. One more significant achievement of this team lies in the fact that except the engine, battery and brakes, all the remaining systems of this vehicle are manufactured on their own by the engineers of this team. Such a superb manifestation of engineering competency!

The hurdles:

The journey of Stallion 2k15 from idea to its physical being was definitely not a cakewalk for the Team GVA Motorsports. Like any other project run by engineering students, this vehicle faced the main hurdle of finance. It was very difficult to convince people to sponsor their vehicle. However, according to a famous adage ‘When going gets tough, tough gets going’… and the things were exactly the same with team GVA Motorsports. So they managed to get the funding by doing so many of the presentations… something they hardly ever forget!

Being engineering students, they also had the exams, submissions and much more on the way during this period. But they managed all this very well and it is due to their relentless efforts, Stallion 2k15 is standing proudly on the race track!

Currently, Stallion 2k15 is participating in Formula Student India competition and the result for the same is not declared at the time of publishing this article.

We, the Crankit Team, wish Team GVA Motorsports all the very best for all their future endeavours!

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