Goodyear Eagle 360- A smart tyre…!

With the advent of an era of autonomous cars, almost every part or system of a car has seen drastic design changes. How can tyres be an exception then? Recently, at Geneva auto show, Goodyear introduced a concept tyre called Goodyear Eagle 360. The beauty of this product is that it is spherical in shape like a ball. Sounds weird, isn’t it? But is first of its kind!

Goodyear Eagle 360 smart Tyre technology

Goodyear Eagle 360 Design
Goodyear Eagle 360 Design (Courtesy: Goodyear)

Eagle 360 has sensors installed in it and it is attached to the vehicle by magnetic levitation system. Magnetic levitation maintains the elevation of body thus providing very smooth ride as compared to any traditional suspension system and tyre. Because of the spherical shape, Eagle 360 can move freely in almost any direction. One can even park the car in tight parking spaces by moving sideways. With the help of different sensors, Goodyear eagle 360 can communicate various information like weather and road conditions to the car.

These tyres are way ahead of conventional types when it comes to tyre wear. The sensors fitted on this tyre continuously monitor wear and automatically change the orientation so as to achieve uniform wear. This makes every ride economical and stress free.

Goodyear Eagle 360 centrifugal water removel
Goodyear Eagle 360 centrifugal water removal (Courtesy: Goodyear)

The design of Eagle 360 draws inspiration from human brain and is manufactured by 3D printing technology.


Goodyear Eagle 360 Contact Patch
Goodyear Eagle 360 Contact Patch (Courtesy: Goodyear)

Eagle 360 can become become hard in dry condition and soft in wet condition giving stability and control in any climate condition. It can even shorten the stopping distance. In addition, these tyres can communicate with other systems like collision prevention system and electronic stability program, thereby making every drive safe and reliable.


Goodyear Eagle 360 less space For parking
Goodyear Eagle 360 less space For parking (Courtesy: Goodyear)

At present, Goodyear is testing this technology with various car manufacturers. But the day is not too far when these tyres will make a distinctive path in future car technologies!

Watch Goodyear Eagle 360 in action:

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