Electric bike in a bag? Impossible…No it’s possible


A foldable electric bike named Impossible

Invented by Impossible Technology- A China-based group of engineers

Ever thought of an electric bike that you can even carry in your bag? Probably not…! But we are living in an era where ‘Nothing is Impossible’ truly makes sense! This famous saying is further reinforced by a group of Chinese engineers who have introduced the concept of an electric bike which can be very easily fitted into a bag-pack. Astonishingly, this bike named Impossible; measures only 43cm (slightly more than a laptop) in the folded condition. Let us see some more features of this wonderful bike!

Folded condition
Impossible in folded condition (Courtesy: Kickstarter Inc.)

The powerhouse of Impossible:

Impossible batteries
Batteries of Impossible (Courtesy: Kickstarter Inc.)

Impossible which is driven by a brushless DC motor that generates a maximum torque of 8.5Nm receives power from a set of ten Lithium-ion batteries of 10A, 3.6V, and 2900mAh capacity. You can charge these batteries fully with the help of an ordinary domestic charging point within one and half hour. So with the help of this power-pack, Impossible can achieve a maximum speed of 20km/hour (12.4mph) and can run for 45minutes with this speed. If driven at a normal speed, the maximum distance this bike can cover i.e. range is 24.8km (15.6miles).


Engineers have adopted a somewhat circular approach to design Impossible. According to the team, choosing circular shape has given an advantage in terms of equal weight distribution. Keeping the height of handlebar and seat almost same has also proved to be beneficial in weight distribution. Hence the major portion of the structure of this bike has carbon fiber except for the connecting box in the middle which is steel. This connecting box bears most of the load arising in day to day operation of the bike. While at present the company specifies the maximum load-bearing capacity of the bike as 85kg and experimentation to improve the same is underway.

Unlock (Courtesy: Kickstarter Inc.)
Combine (Courtesy: Kickstarter Inc.)
Step 3
Pull (Courtesy: Kickstarter Inc.)
Step 4
Put and Lock (Courtesy: Kickstarter Inc.)

Besides, you can adjust the seat height of Impossible in steps of 65cm, 70cm, 75cm and 80cm to suit the individual requirements. So the absence of pedals has allowed the engineers to pack the bike in an exceptionally compact way. One more articulate feature of this bike is the seat which turns into a carry case when you pack the bike. In folded condition, Impossible weighs merely 5kg (11 pounds). Sounds crazy, isn’t it?

In conclusion, Personal transport of such a great convenience will certainly be a major milestone to counteract the monstrous problem of traffic congestion in the future. So, ready to go for a ride?

See Impossible in action:

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