What is CNG And What Are The Advantages Of Using It As Fuel?

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CNG as an alternative fuel

CNG stands for Compressed Natural Gas. It is an alternative fuel to Petrol, Diesel & LPG. However, it is safer to use, cleaner to burn and produces less harmful by-products as compared to the petrol, diesel & LPG. It is lighter than air.

Oil & Gas field

It can disperse easily in case of spillage. As the name suggests, the companies produce the Compressed Natural Gas by compressing the natural gas which consists mainly of methane.

Advantages of using CNG as Fuel:

The compressed natural gas does not contain any lead, thereby eliminating fouling of spark plugs. Furthermore, the maintenance cost of CNG-powered vehicles is lower than that of Diesel powered cars while it is almost in line or slightly higher compared to that of the Petrol cars. The manufacturers offer the compressed natural gas fuel systems in sealed condition.

Thus, it prevents the fuel losses from spills or evaporation. Compressed Natural Gas increases the life of lubricating oils as it does not contaminate and dilute the crankcase oil. Being a gaseous fuel, it mixes easily and evenly with the air and burns cleaner.

Shell, BP, Natrugy formerly know as Gas Natural Fenosa, Mahanagar, and Gas Energy Australia are some of the CNG manufacturers around the world.

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