BMW Motorrad concept link: scooter of the future

BMW Motorrad concept link

Concept Link The Concept Scooter:

German motorcycle manufacturer BMW Motorrad is popular for its futuristic design concepts. It recently unveiled a new concept i.e. BMW Motorrad Concept Link which is a ‘connected scooter’. BMW totally designed this scooter by keeping urban cities in mind. At the moment, the scooter is just a prototype. However, it signifies BMW’s vision for the future.

BMW Motorrad concept link Scooter
BMW Motorrad concept link Scooter

The design philosophy behind BMW Motorrad Concept Link:

BMW has been manufacturing motorcycles since 1923. Every motorcycle manufactured at BMW targets something. The new Concept Link targets urban cities with connected mobility solutions. It’s a combination of digital and analogue world where the scooter acts as a mediator.

In the concept Link, the rider, vehicle and environment are seamlessly connected. Thus, it gives unparalleled riding experience. In the bigger, urban world, it is essential to be connected all the time. Concept scooter exactly fulfills the need of being connected; all the time.

BMW Motorrad concept link sideview
BMW Motorrad concept link sideview

Earlier, we considered the scooter; just as the means of transportation. But in today’s world, things have changed drastically. Everyone needs to communicate all the time. The Concept Link serves as the means of communication as well. Thus, you can communicate with the world easily without any hassle.

Furthermore, flat energy storage and compact drive are the two most significant design characteristics. There is a big scope for personalisation as well; at each level. From windshield to seat bench, you can personalize it according to your needs. This personalisation simply reflects the rider’s personality at all levels.

BMW Motorrad concept link storage
BMW Motorrad concept link storage

The connected mobility on the go:

BMW Motorrad Concept Link stands out when it comes to human, vehicle and environment connection. You need connectivity during your daily commute. The concept Link scooter handles the connectivity very easily. It can connect with your calendar or simply suggest you the best possible and scenic route to the destination.

In addition, ‘Connected Clothing’ takes connectivity to the next level. Here, rider’s cloths connect with the scooter. In fact, just a stroke over the sleeve is enough to open/close the luggage compartment. The smart windshield displays speed, navigation and battery status. Also, a large panel with touch functionality displays infotainment, route planning and connectivity functions.

In conclusion, BMW Motorrad strongly focuses on future of connected mobility.

(All Images: Courtesy BMW Motorrad)

Watch the BMW Motorrad Concept Link scooter in action here:

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