Bank Angle Sensor

What is Bank Angle Sensor in motorcycles?

What is Bank Angle?

Banking (in other words ‘tilting’), is the angle at which the vehicle inclines from its longitudinal axis. Bank Angle Sensor switches off the engine if the bike tips over.

Bank-Angle-Sensor (Courtesy: Hero MotoCorp)

For - Additional Safety. By - Hero Glamour

How Bank Angle Sensor Works:

This technology is deployed by Hero MotoCorp ( in its Hero Glamour Bike. Bank angle is the angle at which the vehicle inclines or tilts from its longitudinal axis. In this case, Bank angle describes tilting of the vehicle as seen from the front.

Hero Glamour (Courtesy: Hero MotoCorp)
Hero Glamour (Courtesy: Hero MotoCorp)

The sensor switches off the engine automatically as a safety measure if the bike tilts over its prescribed limits and tends to tip over. When the bike falls onto its side as in case of an accident, the bank angle sensor turns off the engine. Thus, it prevents any possible injuries to the rider or damage to the bike.

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