Zero SR 2022 is here, and its an absolute head turner

Zero SR 2022: Welcome to all-new refreshing electric motorcycle The Zero Motorcycle, an electric motorcycle manufacturer, recently unveiled Zero SR 2022. The new motorcycle features many upgrades, including a new ZFORCE 14.4+kWh power pack. In …

Zero SR 2022

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Zero SR 2022: Welcome to all-new refreshing electric motorcycle

The Zero Motorcycle, an electric motorcycle manufacturer, recently unveiled Zero SR 2022. The new motorcycle features many upgrades, including a new ZFORCE 14.4+kWh power pack. In addition, the motorcycle features a world-class steel trellis frame and coaxial power pivot chassis. As a result, you will get outstanding performance and agile handling.

SR 2022 By Zero

Furthermore, the Zero SR 2022 has Cypher |||+ operating system. This operating system enables the seamless addition of upgrades that improve performance. The motorcycle also offers turn-by-turn navigation on the dash. In addition, the Bosch advanced motorcycle stability control keeps you in control all the time.

Effortless power on demand

The Zero SR 2022 features an all-new ZFORCE 14.4+ lithium-ion battery pack. You will get the range of 227 miles on one charge. The aluminum heat-sink housing and the thermal transfer interface enable cell-level cooling. Additionally, this also improves long-term powertrain performance. In addition, the critical software upgrades can unlock 17.3kWh of battery capacity. The additional 3.6kWh power pack is also available as an accessory. So, the total battery capacity comes to 21 kWh.

Furthermore, the ZF75-10 motor can deliver 122 ft-lbs of Torque and 73 Hp of raw power. As a result, the motorcycle can achieve a top speed of 104mph. The on-demand upgrades can give an additional boost of 140 ft-lbs of torque and 110 Hp of power. This upgrade can increase the top speed of 124 mph. Zero’s internal permanent magnet brushless architecture and passive air cooling deliver superb performance.

You can configure your SR to charge at different charging levels using a scalable, rapid charge system. The Zero SR 2022 comes with 3kW of charging. You can increase the available charging capacity to 9.3kW by purchasing accessories. So, you can charge the battery in just an hour.

The swingarm pivot design and the proprietary concentric motor provide constant drive belt tension. As a result, you will get optimum torque at the rear wheel all the time. The swingarm pivot accommodates a high-performance motor; simultaneously, it delivers excellent performance due to its slim design. So, you will get enhancement in rider ergonomics and maneuverability.

Zero SR 2022 Side View
Zero SR 2022 Side View

The control you always think of

The latest version of the cypher operating system provides access to various software upgrades. These upgrades help to customize the motorcycle according to the rider’s needs. You can also enable turn-by-turn navigation on the dash. Furthermore, you can increase the charging speed through the App. You can also select the parking mode that allows you to reverse your motorcycle. The Cypher operating system is the only system that allows on-demand performance upgrades.

In addition, the intuitive dash and app interface helps you to select the perfect riding mode. The riding modes include rain, eco, standard, sport, and canyon. In addition, you can customize these modes, opening up the possibility of creating a virtually infinite number of riding modes.

Furthermore, the Bosch MSC is also available as an upgrade over Bosch standard ABS. Bosch MSC provides dynamic acceleration and stability improvement in any road condition. The Bosch MSC is an excellent combination of ABS, cornering brake control, traction control, and drag torque control. As a result, you will get more confident riding irrespective of terrain conditions.

The custom swingarm and steel trellis frame offers incredible handling. The Showa suspension delivers an intuitive riding experience. In addition, the perfect weight distribution of the power train provides mass centralization. The combination of a lightweight frame and excellent mass centralization provides nimble handling in any terrain.

The future is connected

The Zero SR 2022 offers seamless connections to cellular networks all the time. Besides, it continuously transmits crucial riding data to App. The data includes bike status, location information, and ride information. So, riders can monitor the four critical areas of the motorcycle all the time. Those four main areas include charging status, bike status and alerts, ride data sharing, system upgrades, and system updates. In addition, the company offers free cellular connectivity for two years from the date of purchase.

The SR dash comprises of full color 5″ TFT display. The multi-mode navigation features on-the-fly switching of ride modes. It also includes cruise control and heated grip control. Besides, Zero’s App offers a seamless connection between the dash and Cypher |||+, creating an all-new ecosystem. You can access the Cypher store via an app. In addition, you can buy new upgrades with the touch of a button. The new features include parking mode, on-dash navigation, and faster charging.

In addition, the standard free features in the App include ride mode selection, scheduling of the charging, ride mode creation, and easy search for charging locations. The advanced app features include current charge conditions, statistics of the last ride, remote notifications, and remote queries. You can also find time to charge information. The ride data for sharing and review includes speed, location, lean angle, power, SoC, Torque, energy used, and regenerated remote diagnostics are available too. The additional updates, on-demand upgrades, and performance updates are available through the App.


Zero SR 2022 has a top speed of 104mph, and it can achieve a peak torque of 122 ft-lb. The optimal charging time is 78 minutes. On one charge, SR 2022 can cover a distance of 227 miles. The power train is 100% electric. The operating system of the motorcycle is Cypher |||+. The clutchless direct drive provides optimum power delivery. The curb weight of the motorcycle is 489lb. The motorcycle features BOSCH Generation 9 ABS. The company offers five years/ unlimited miles warranty on the battery pack.

In conclusion, The Zero SR 2022 is a great overall package for electric motorcycle enthusiasts. The SR 2022 offers features with world-class technology. We are very sure the motorcycle will set new standards in the electric motorcycle industry.

Watch Zero SR 2022 in action

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