Xing mobility: mobilising racing of the future.

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Xing Mobility: Miss R and Miss E race cars

Xing mobility is a Taiwanese electric powertrain manufacturing company. The company provides consultancy in the field of electric vehicle design and automotive component design for electric cars. So, Xing mobility is focusing more on manufacturing the electric race cars and high-performance cars, targeting the racing of the future.

Furthermore, the company manufactures, designs and test the vehicles entirely in Taiwan. Hence, they leverage Taiwan’s extensive supply chain. The company's mission is to provide tightly integrated electric powertrains to electric car manufacturers around the world.

Technology at Xing mobility

The company manufactures powertrain components with ease of integration in mind. Extensive research at Xing mobility opens up immense possibilities. The state-of-the-art battery pack with a patented liquid-submerged cooling system provides extensive performance with maximum safety.

In addition, the modularized integrated motor and the inverter systems provide power to any size of the vehicle. The 'One motor per wheel' transmission provides seamless torque vectoring capabilities. The vehicle control units with multi-motor powertrain control and state-of-the-art software with remote diagnostic functions give more flexibility.

Furthermore, the power distribution unit with safe power routing and complete status monitoring provides greater safety. The battery swap system provides the entire battery exchange in five minutes.

Miss R & Miss E the cars at Xing mobility

The company also designs and manufactures the electric performance cars. Hence, it not only design the components but also makes them in real by manufacturing such cars. So, the Xing mobility currently manufactures two cars. The Miss R is a rally-inspired supercar and Miss E is a prototype electric racer.

Miss R

Xing mobility Miss R
Miss R

It is the world’s first electric car featuring on-track and off-road capabilities. The four electric motors of this car produce 1 Megawatt of power (1341Hp). In addition, the Miss R also features in-house, state-of-the-art technologies such as battery cooling, suspension, and gearbox system.

Miss E

Xing mobility Miss E
Miss E

This is the prototype race car that features 350kW electric motor with Xing battery system. So, it works as a mobile laboratory for electric race cars. Miss E is a car purely meant for vehicle technology breakthrough. Thus, it will shape the mobility of the future.

In conclusion, Xing mobility will define the racing of the future. It will definitely lead to some breakthrough in the electric car racing space.

Image and Video courtesy: Xing Mobility

For more information on Xing, please see their official website.

Watch Xing Mobility in action:

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