World’s First Tattooed Car Is Here & Its Lexus

World's first tattooed car

Lexus unveils world first tattooed car

The Lexus is the luxury car division of Japanese car brand Toyota. Toyota has great achievements in innovation. Recently, its Lexus brand unveiled the world’s first tattooed car. The new and innovative approach of tattooing will definitely crate new industry standards in the automotive industry.

Lexus tattooed car craftsmanship
Lexus tattooed car craftsmanship

Furthermore, Lexus created the world’s first tattooed car to honour and celebrate the fine craftsmanship and traditional Japanese artistry. One of its kind, Lexus UX compact SUV is created by London based tattoo artist Claudia De Sabe.

The Design

First of all, Tattooing is done on the human body. So, skin color, muscles, and body shape – all these factors contribute to designing. In the case of Lexus, Claudia uses a pure white car as a Canvas. Instead of using a fine needle, she selects the Dremel drill tool.

Lexus tattooed car
Lexus tattooed car

Furthermore, she creates a sweeping design on the world’s first tattooed car that features Koi carp along the entire length of the vehicle. The Koi is traditional Japanese art. This art represents the qualities of good fortune and perseverance.

The Paint

The Dremel tool drills away from the surface paint and exposes the metal underneath. Thus, it creates a complex pattern but it looks stunning. In addition, the genuine Lexus car paint highlights the design and it is all done by hand.

Lexus tattooed car design
Lexus tattooed car design

Furthermore, to finish the design further, she uses gold leaf to create highlights and 3D effects. After finishing touches, the entire vehicle undergoes lacquer coating. So, now the world’s first tattooed car is fit for the road use.

During tattooing a person you have to think about muscle and tissue beneath the skin. With the car, it is all about the way bodywork changes shape over the framework.

Claudia De Sabe, Tattoo artist

The Long Process & World’s first tattooed car

The entire process takes six months to complete from initial drawings to final tattooing. The tattooing takes 5 days of 6-8 hours of intense work. It’s altogether a challenging work and it is physically demanding. The drill creates vibrations and you can’t take a comfortable position as the design progresses ahead.

Furthermore, in the case of a human tattoo, we can rework any small slips by colors. The case of engraving with drill requires absolute precision. It is actually a tribute to traditional Takumi craftsmanship. It stands for flawless finishes by humans that take years of practice. The Lexus embraces traditional Japanese aesthetics in its interior as well.

In conclusion, the world’s first tattooed car is a nice concept and we will definitely see a big change in car designs all over the auto industry for sure.

Watch world’s first tattooed car in action

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