Wayve: Next Gen Autonomous Cars With AI

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Wayve: AI and Machine learning for self-driving cars

Wayve is a technology startup with a dedication to self-driving cars. The start-up is focusing on building the most powerful artificial intelligence software for autonomous vehicles.  The founders belong to Cambridge University. They are currently testing the software on the public roads in the UK.

Wayve in real world traffic
Wayve in the real-world traffic.

The approach of the startup is an end-to-end machine learning to tackle the real-world problems. As the driving on roads is an extremely complicated task, it seems difficult to handle by machines. The company is addressing the problem by improving the brains of the vehicle instead of changing hardware.

The startup strongly believes in the current autonomous cars in which more emphasis was given to the hardware instead of software. Instead of concentrating on the sensors, maps, and rules, there is a dire need to concentrate on the software side of the autonomous car. Thus, autonomous cars become more reliable for real-world driving conditions.

How Wayve is making the difference in the autonomous cars?

Over a decade, large teams of engineers are working on the engineering part of the industry. The results are satisfactory but the cars are still unable to cope with real-world driving situations. The start-up is addressing this issue by developing world-class algorithms. These algorithms keep on learning themselves. Hence, the cars will improve in reliability over time.

Humans have the ability to learn and transfer knowledge and use it to tackle real-world problems. The startup wants to mimic the same in the autonomous cars. The sheer improvement in the brains of the vehicle brings more reliability. The cars will be less accident prone and safer to pedestrians and other road users.

Wayve on streets
Wayve on streets.

The startup is using technologies such as imitation learning, reinforcement learning, and machine learning.  The start-up thinks the use of such technology will provide the breakthrough, ultimately making the autonomous cars available for everyone.

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