Vuhl 05

Vuhl 05: A sleek sports car you wanna own.

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lightweight sports car Vuhl 05

Vuhl 05 is a sleek sports-car designed and manufactured by VUHL Automotive. VUHL stands for Vehicles of ultra-lightweight and high performance. The company unveiled its first sports car at the Royal Automobile Club in London.

Vuhl 05 sports car
Vuhl 05 sports car

VUHL is owned by two brothers Guillermo and Iker Echeverria. The passion behind sports-cars encouraged them to make the sleekest road-legal sports car. The Vuhl 05 is a combination of innovation, passion, and attention to detail.

The concept behind Vuhl 05

Vuhl 05 is a road-legal sports car that is engineered with precision to give a striking performance on the track. The minute details such as the inclusion of an HD camera make this car different. The camera can record the drives on the track. So, you can easily track down the errors and improve your driving skill with the push of a button.

Vuhl 05 top view
Vuhl top view

The company’s unique X-Vario platform is constructed from the Aluminium extrusions and Honeycomb. The extreme stiffness of the aluminum allows fine-tuning of the car's suspension. Hence, the fine-tuning of the drive according to the road and track requirements is also possible.

In addition, the 'titanium bolt pack' is available as an option. Thus, the use of titanium bolts reduces the overall weight by 4.5kg. The reduction in weight gives significant performance improvements.

Vuhl 05 sports car specifications

The car is highly aerodynamic and lightweight. The total dry weight of the car is just 695kg and the Kerb weight is only 725kg. The 4-cylinder Turbocharged DOHC 2000cc engine churns out 285bhp while the max torque of is 420 NM. The maximum speed of the car is 245 km/h.

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