Volvo concept recharge

Volvo Concept Recharge: Here is what it looks like

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Entirely new electric car design language from Volvo

The Swedish automaker recently unveiled an entirely new design language. The Volvo Concept Recharge is a unique design dedicated to future electric cars from Volvo. So, it is not about only change in the power trains. For Volvo, it's all about an entire shift in car design language. The Volvo Concept Recharge is a new design platform for next-generation EVs from Volvo.

Concept recharge
Concept recharge

Furthermore, the overall design language adheres to the concept of less but better. So, you can expect more space inside the cabin than traditional designs. Additionally, by removing the complexity of the IC engine, designers get room to improve interiors and aerodynamics. As a result, you will have more aero-efficient products that also support sustainable living. Thus, the new design language offers a genuinely better solution.

In addition, the first generation of electric Volvo cars shares the same floor with IC engines. As a result, you need to manage proportions and space. Such management can accommodate battery packs and IC engines. The second generation of electric cars will feature flat floors. Furthermore, the upcoming electric-only technology-based SUV will follow the Volvo Concept Recharge design language.

The Design

The Volvo Concept Recharge features a flat floor with an integrated battery pack. Such an arrangement helps to improve the wheelbase and wheel size. Thus, you will have shorter overhangs, ample storage space, and a lot more interior space.


Furthermore, the Volvo Concept Recharge also repositions seats and enhances the roof profile. Lowering of the hood and high eye point helps the driver with high visibility. Improvement in visibility also improves the safety of the driver and occupants. Additionally, such arrangements also improve aerodynamics and range drastically. In addition, In the less-is-better concept, there is no place for unnecessary items. Whatever remains has high precision and flush execution.

The Exteriors

At the front, the new shield-like structure replaces the traditional grille. In addition, the new Thor's hammer headlight design brings a significant change in headlamps. The headlamp also includes pure graphics with HD technology. These graphics open at night and reveal the main headlamp unit.

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