Shul: Vazirani Reveals India’s First Electric Hypercar

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Shul: The hypercar

Vazirani Automotive is Mumbai based company. It recently unveiled Shul which is India's first electric hypercar. The company recently showcased it at the Goodwood festival of speed. Chunky Vazirani founded Vazirani Automotive in 2015. Since then, he is working on this concept car which is high on performance and design.

Vazirani automotive shul
Vazirani automotive shul

Furthermore, Vazirani is a graduate from Art Center College in California. The dream of designing such a car goes back to 2005 when he first saw the Ferrari Enzo. He took inspiration and started working on his dream car.  The Shul hypercar is now the talk of the town. However, it will be commercially launched in 2021.

Vazirani Automotive: Shul hypercar design

The Shul hypercar has a unique and futuristic design. The hypercar was designed under the guidance of Gran-Tourismo video-game creator Kazunori Yamauchi. The sleek aerodynamic design with smooth surfaces and air ducts keep the hypercar on the ground at high speeds.

In addition, the large air intakes in the front bumper keep the batteries cool. The additional air-duct behind the passenger doors also helps in cooling the batteries and generate downforce. The air-duct just below the headlight keeps the brakes cool. This helps them work in normal condition.

shul hypercar
vazirani automotive shul hypercar

There are integrated spoiler and double diffuser at the back. They keep the car under control all the time. The back of the car has two fins to channel the air and reduce aerodynamic drag. The car also features digital cameras instead of side mirrors. This feature is already present on Audi E-Tron electric SUV and Lexus ES.

In addition, carbon fiber outer shell reduces weight. The improved power-to-weight ratio increases efficiency. The total weight of the car will be around 1600kg.

shul hypercar back
vazirani automotive shul hypercar

What is under the hood?

The Shul hypercar features a microturbine range-extender that runs on petrol. This turbine, in turn, charges all the four individual motors attached to four wheels. This technology is new and implemented by very few automotive manufacturers. The use of microturbines can drastically reduce the overall weight of the car. Thus, you can use small battery packs. The microturbine also enhances torque and acceleration.

The individual motors on each wheel of Vazirani Automotive's Shul help to achieve precise torque-vectoring. As a result, the car is superb on handling in corners at high speed. The car is capable of producing 1000 Hp of power. The company is also planning to offer multiple batteries as well as motor options. The two-wheel drive option may be available in the future. It straight away removes two motors at the front, reducing weight. So, it will create luggage space at the front. As powertrain technology evolves, the company may provide upgrades in the future.

The car can go from 0-100kmph in less than 2.5 seconds. The electric range of Shul hypercar is in between 150-200 km. The company is also interested in offering its expertise to other companies which are working on such cars. Mahindra owned Pininfarina is one such company which is also developing an electric hypercar.

In conclusion, the Vazirani Automotive Shul is the new-age electric hypercar with new technology and powerful performance. It will surely set a bench-mark for hypercars in the world and we are waiting for it.

Watch Vazirani Automotive Shul Hypercar in action:

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