Urethane Buffer Cushion: No More Bumpy and Bouncy Car Rides

Why use Urethane Buffer Cushions?

‘WIN TTC’ of Korea displayed Urethane Buffer cushion at the ‘Pune Auto Expo 2017’.

Ever wondered, why your car jumps too much on speed bumps? Or, why your car bounces too much while braking? Then, most likely your suspension system which includes the shock-absorbers and coil springs; has weakened. Sometimes, this results in lowering the car body. Its ground clearance falls below normal because of the effect of sagged coil springs. As the springs sag, they transmit the road-shocks to the shock-absorbers even more intensively. Thus, shock-absorbers either become weak or get damaged.

Urethane Buffer Cushion at Pune Auto Expo 2017
Urethane Buffer Cushion at Pune Auto Expo 2017

In these cases, you may need to spend a good amount of money to fix it by replacing the springs or shock-absorbers as the case may be. To solve this problem, there is another solution- which is; using Urethane Buffer Cushions on the affected springs. WIN TTC’s Indian importer Tristar, displayed the Urethane Buffer Cushion at the ‘Pune Auto Expo 2017’.

What are Urethane Buffer Cushions?

Urethane buffer cushion is made of a special quality synthetic material. It has high strength & flexibility. Hence, it fits neatly between the coils in the coil spring of the automotive suspension. It also provides additional support to the spring and eventually, to car’s suspension. As claimed by the company, this enhances the driving comfort, vehicle safety and results in bump-free and smooth drive. In addition, Tristar is also offering 1 year warranty on these buffer inserts.

Urethane buffer cushion brochure (Courtesy: WIN TTC India)
Urethane buffer cushion brochure (Courtesy: WIN TTC India)

Furthermore, the company claims that Urethane Buffer cushion inserts enable safe turning during cornering. Additionally, it also reduces vibrations felt inside the car and protects the suspension from shocks. The company also claims that fitting the Urethane buffer cushions will change the driving experience in many ways.

However, you need to select the correct size of the Urethane buffer cushion for your car. For this, all you have to do is to measure the distance between the coils of the coil-spring/s. After selecting the correct buffer size, it can be fitted as shown in the video below. The Indian importer of these buffers, Tristar Enterprises’, offers a set of 4 buffer inserts for Rs. 12,500/-.

Benefits of using Urethane Buffer cushion, as claimed by WIN TTC, are:

  1. It restores the vehicle height (by increasing the ground clearance)
  2. It reduces the leaning of the car on sharp turns
  3. Improves the braking performance
  4. It protects the shock-absorbers from road shocks
  5. It delivers a stress-free and fatigue-free driving experience

For more information on Urethane buffer cushion, click here: www.wingroup.in OR www.winttc.com

Watch Urethane Buffer cushion in action here:

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