Bajaj Qute (Image Courtesy: Times of India)

Unveiled: Bajaj Qute aka RE60

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Bajaj RE60 Quadricycle renamed as Bajaj Qute, Will it be a game-changer?

We had earlier reported about Bajaj Auto developing a four-wheeled Quadricycle code-named RE60 aka Bajaj Qute. While Bajaj Auto was silently working behind the scenes, the vehicle created a lot of curiosity among automotive enthusiasts & general public alike. And, when Team CrankIT spotted a test mule on the road; we just could not resist shooting an exclusive video featuring its test-run in India.

Bajaj Qute (Image Courtesy: Bajaj Auto)
Bajaj Qute (Image Courtesy: Bajaj Auto)

India’s top two wheeler brand Bajaj Auto has recently unveiled its dream project of a four-wheeled Quadricycle. The vehicle which was RE-60 earlier is now the ‘Bajaj Qute’. While conducting market research, the Quadricycle evoked responses such as ‘Cute’ and 'beautiful' in Asia and 'Bonita' in Latin America from consumers. So, Bajaj Auto decided to officially name it as Bajaj Qute.

Bajaj Qute: Top Speed and Mileage

Bajaj Auto has already begun the production of Qute and is planning to export it to 16 countries to start with; including countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe. Bajaj will first launch the vehicle for testing in Turkey where it will cost at about $2,000 (Rs 1.32 lakh approx.). In India, however, the launch of Qute is not yet planned as the matter of legal status for quadricycles is still pending in the court. Some competitors of Bajaj Auto took the matter to court challenging the car's safety and the matter remains undecided as yet.

Bajaj Qute (Image Courtesy: Bajaj Auto)
Bajaj Qute (Image Courtesy: Bajaj Auto)

Made in India Bajaj Qute is the first quadricycle to meet stringent European Quadricycle norms. It received the European WVTA (Whole Vehicle Type Approval) certification awarded by RDW Netherlands. An all new 216cc, water-cooled, DTSi, 4-valve engine, combined with a ‘closed loop’ fuel injection system powers Qute. The vehicle delivers an impressive fuel efficiency of 36 Km/L. Its max. speed restricted to 70 km/h as claimed by Bajaj auto. The carbon emission of Bajaj Qute is also very low at only 66 gm/km.

Bajaj Qute is among the world’s cheapest commercial vehicles. It beats the Tata Nano on price, although it doesn’t fall under the regular car category. If given the legal status as a Quadricycle in India, the Bajaj Qute will be positioned as an Intra-City vehicle and could possibly become a game-changer in the public transport industry.

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