Ujet electric scooter

Ujet electric scooter: It’s smart, electric and connected…!

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Ujet Foldable Electric scooter

Ujet is a start-up located in Luxembourg. Rather than a start-up, it’s a team of engineering and technology enthusiasts. Ujet electric scooter is a combination of advanced engineering, best electronics and smart use of composite materials. The team is dedicated to design and shape the Urban mobility of the future.

Ujet electric scooter portable battery
Ujet electric scooter portable battery

The cities today are growing too fast. Everyone out there is trying to create a space for themselves. The rapid urbanization needs an urgent need for the connectivity. Ujet is addressing this problem by providing the mobility solution for city commute. So, people can move around freely and conveniently.

The design language of the Ujet electric scooter is surprising and at the same time, inspiring too. In addition, while designing Ujet, the company sticks to aesthetic values with contemporary design. In today’s world, the connectivity is of the prime importance. Ujet makes the seamless connectivity possible by intuitive user experience. The simple and convenient connectivity solution always keeps you connected.

 Ujet electric scooter: unique in design and style

Ujet sets a benchmark in the scooter design. The first-of-its-kind mass-produced orbital wheel with asymmetric frame design makes it a class apart. The unique styling with attention to every detail makes it unique on its own.

The scooter is available in two shapes i.e. diamond and curved. The low and high seat option is also available. Five color option gives you more freedom to suit your style.

Ujet orbital wheel
Ujet orbital wheel

Ujet electric scooter key features

The Ujet electric scooter features two battery options. The small battery has 70 km range while the big battery has 150km range. You can charge your Ujet from the regular socket with a fast charger within two hours. The Ujet battery is removable and you can take it with you and use it as a power-bank. It is as easy as that.

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