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Toyota project portal: start of a hydrogen era

Toyota Project Portal Hydrogen Powered Truck

Toyota is a Japanese automotive manufacturer since 1937. The long legacy of this group includes world-class, reliable products with world-class manufacturing practices. The company also involves extensive research in the field of emission reductions. The company starts the new era with the Toyota project portal. It's a hydrogen fuel cell system designed for heavy-duty trucks at the port of Los Angeles.

Toyota project portal Transparent View
Toyota project portal

The zero-emission truck will participate in extensive research at the port. The research also includes a feasibility study of fuel cell technology in heavy duty applications. This project will also contribute to the port's clean air action plan.

The California Air Resources Board and California Energy Commission are actively participating in the research. The pre-feasibility study will open new doors to the freight sector. The cleanest and most efficient big trucks reduce the emission and clean up the air, reducing the emission problems.

Toyota project portal and hydrogen fuel cell truck.

The project portal is the next step towards expanding Toyota's aim for emission-free transport. The trucks will use hydrogen as fuel while the only emission from the truck is water vapor. This will reduce emissions significantly from a truck hauling near the port area. Thus, it will dramatically improve the air quality in the vicinity.

The project portal also provides target performance necessary to support the port's daily requirements. The hydrogen fuel cell based truck will generate 670 HP with 1325 pound-feet of torque. Two Mirai fuel cell stacks and a 12kWh battery supports the class 8 load operations. The total gross combined weighing capacity of this truck is 80000 lbs. The estimated driving range is more than 200 miles per fill.

Toyota project portal Engine
Toyota project portal Engine

Zero emission truck technology

The Toyota's zero-emission truck technology will surely benefit in reducing the carbon footprint. The company is also continuously working on expanding California’s Hydrogen refueling infrastructure. The hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will also contribute to California’s greenhouse gas reduction and air quality improvement goals. In addition, the zero-emission truck technology also helps in decreasing the dependency on fossil fuels.

In conclusion, Toyota's contribution to curbing pollution will definitely give positive results in the coming era. Toyota project portal also marks the global efforts to reduce dependence on fossil fuels with an increase in the use of new less polluting resources.

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