Toyota Gosei to enter hose manufacturing in India

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Plans a joint venture with two other companies

Toyota Gosei- a Japanese giant renowned for the manufacturing of rubber, plastic and LED products; has decided to expand its portfolio in India and hence is entering into the field of hose manufacturing with UNO Minda and Toyota Tsusho Corp. A new company named Minda TG Rubber Pvt. Ltd. will be established as a part of this joint venture. The proposed site for the new plant is located at town Bawal in Rewari district of Haryana. It is approximately 60 km from Gurgaon and 100 km from Delhi.

Minda TG Rubber will focus on manufacturing various types of hoses especially the brake hoses which are used in brake system of vehicle. The new plant is supposed to be operational in the second half of year 2015.

Toyota Gosei has been present in India since 2008 when they founded Toyota Gosei Minda India Pvt. Ltd. alongwith the same partners. This company is a leading manufacturer in components like steering wheels, airbags and body sealing parts.

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