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Tork Motorcycles: Torquing up Indian Motorcycle Industry!

Get torqued up with T6X!

With car industry going electric at electrifying speed, how will the motorcycles be left behind? In India, Tork Motorcycles has pioneered in this field by introducing India's first electric performance bike T6X!

tork-motorcycles T6X
The aggressive stance! (Courtesy: Tork Motorcycles)

The gorgeous and feature packed - Tork motorcycles T6X:

tork motorcycles t6x front end
Front-end styling of T6X (Courtesy: Tork Motorcycles)

While designing T6X, designers have maintained an aggressive styling tone which will appeal young generation. Unique headlamp design and muscular projections on the body improve the overall get-up of the bike. LED tail lamp and turn signal indicators give a sleek look.

At the heart of this bike lies a 6 kW brush-less DC motor which churns out a whopping 27 Nm of torque. The lithium-ion battery of 72Ah stores the electric energy required to power the motor. With this configuration, T6X easily achieves a maximum speed of 100 km/h. According to the company, this battery needs only one hour for 80% charging. With a range of 100 km on a single charge, T6X will be ideal for city commute. Regenerative braking helps to maintain the range of T6X.

information-console t6x
Information console T6X (Courtesy: Tork Motorcycles)

A 4.3” TFT screen displays all the information you need. It also comes with an App having cloud connectivity. Moreover, space for helmet storage is the exclusive feature of this bike. Besides, GPS navigation, mobile charging, and daytime running lights are some other features.

TIROS- The Brain of T6X:

TIROS (Tork Intuitive Response Operating System) is the crux of the technology this motorcycle. However, it is similar to an engine management system in modern cars. TIROS collects and compiles all the data on every ride. Also, it plays a key role in power management and forecasting the range in real time.

tork motorcycles tiros
TIROS on T6X (Courtesy: Tork Motorcycles)

Furthermore, T6X has various riding modes which you can control with the help of TIROS. Besides, TIROS learns the riding behavior and fine-tunes the performance to give the best. It also incorporates new features automatically via cloud updates.

About Tork Motorcycles:

Furthermore, Kapil Shelke founded this start-up with an aim to revolutionize the Indian motorcycling scenario. With necessary skills, experience and passion, his team is looking to achieve new heights. T6X is the result of 7 years of relentless research efforts which certainly signify the quality of this product.

We, wish Tork Motorcycles all success in this endeavor!

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